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This article is about foreign names of the kids that everyone wish to had for his kids. These foreign names looks cool to be hear and speak and also theses names has very much importance to the personality.

What if every second person in the world shared the same name? Yes,Guest Posting I know it is thrilling to even think about it, Even if there is no bad in having the same names. But branding everything with the same name or label kills the diversity and uniqueness of things.


Homogeneity of anything makes it boring and who likes ‘boring’ in this modern and advanced era where even a mistake can turn into a new trend. Having a same-named class fellow even becomes frustrating sometimes.


Why Cool Foreign Names Hit the Interest of Language Learners?


Would you know what does Senorita mean, if you had stuck to only your native language? No, I don’t think so, being a native English speaker you would never have been able to know the meaning of this Spanish word. You get to know and admire names and people when you know their origin and the significance they hold according to their origin.


Names are not mere words to call someone out from a crowd. Names identify you among the rest, they tell a lot about your family, background, social status as well as your personality. The meaning of your name and the importance it holds in your religion and your region tells about the reputation you have in society.


Your identity is deeply knotted with your name. A person can draw a whole figurine of you and your personality by just listening to your name. The concept that your parents had before giving you a certain name varies in different regions and cultures.


Parents in western cultures can name their children anything, they find suitable. There is no necessity of having cultural or religious names. But this might not be the condition with other parents in other parts of the world.


Why don’t our parents choose a name from the foreign cultures for us on the first hand? When we live in a region where culture and preservation of culture are prioritized over everything, our elders start it by preserving the vintage and classic names. Because they are afraid to let go of the legacy, that these old vintage names hold.


What link can a name have with the foreign language learners? Well, there are a lot of things that boost the interest of language learners. Because when we learn a language, we learn cultural and ethical values, dos and don’ts of that particular country.


We are not just learning the grammar of the language we choose, we are getting into the culture and norms of the respective country. We learn through the movie dialogues’, video clips, and every other source that brings us closer to the particular language.


If you have an interest in a specific country, you would try your level best to learn the language. Getting into the traditional values of that country you will like their names and characters. Pronouncing the names in the right way becomes our priority, and that is when you become extra interested in the names of the language you are learning.


Cool Foreign Names:


Ai (f):


Ai is a Chinese origin name, who’s meaning changes with the accent and the spelling. It is pronounced as ‘eye’. In one spelling it means ‘affection’ while in the other it means ‘friendly’. Overall, it is a cute short name.




Tao is also a Chinese name, which means ‘large waves’. When you will get into Chinese culture you will get to know that Chinese have short names, brief yet bold, giving a gallant meaning.




This beautiful short name is a modification of another wonderful name Mary. Malia is a word that originated from Hawaiian and is pronounced as Muh-Ll-yuh. You would be familiar with this name if you know the name of the daughter of Barrack Obama.




Italians never stop to surprise us. This beautiful Italian name is a combination of a male and a female name. You might have heard about the gorgeous names Maria and Elijah. Try mixing them up and you get this wonderful name out of the pot.


Chiyo (f):


Have you seen the movie ‘Memoirs of a Geisha’? If you have you might be familiar with the name Chiyo, a Japanese name, pronounced as CHEE-oh. Chiyo means ‘a thousand generations’. The irony behind this name is; it is both wonderful and evocative.




This Arabic name is very much admired by English speakers from all around the globe. Zahra is Arabic as well as an Egyptian word but has a different meaning in both origins. In Arabic, Zahra means ‘white’, and in Egyptian Zahra means, ‘flower’. Zahra is pronounced as ZAH-ra.




Driss is an Arabic word that has emerged from another Arabic word ‘darassa’, meaning ‘to study’ or ‘to learn’. Studying seems cool to the parents, I doubt children calling it cool.

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