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Fine dining requires the use of appropriate cutlery. Good cutlery ought to be made of silver, but the pieces do not have to match. The only exception is to match the designs of groups together, like forks to forks. There are numerous types of cutlery that can be placed onto a table, the subsequent paragraphs deal with the most common in a table setting.

Next to the plate on the left are the forks. Customarily,Guest Posting you will have the fish fork, the salad fork and the meat fork lined up. The first one is used for eating and removing bones out of fish. If shrimp cocktail is provided, this fork will be with that course.

The salad fork is in the centre, and it is more petite and weighty then the meat fork, and it includes one less point. Bear in mind that this fork is used just for salad, and should not be used with the entrée. The meat fork, or dinner fork, is the innermost and largest fork and it will rest next to the plate. These forks will always be provided on the table itself and will never be provided with the respective course.

On the other side of the plate will be a dinner knife, and this is for the cutting of meat and for the main course. It will be the largest of the knives available. In the middle will be a fish knife, although this may not be provided, depending on the seafood served. Knives are always set with the sharp edge away from other guests.

On the outside of the knives is a soup spoon, and is placed there because it is often the first piece of cutlery used, after the appetizer. The largest spoon on the table, it will be roughly the same size as the entrée fork and knife.

On a small plate higher then the forks and set at a slight angle is the butter knife. The blade will be facing downwards, and this knife is used only for buttering of bread or rolls, and it will stay on the bread plate even after you use it.

Parallel to the dinner plate are the cake fork and dessert spoon, with the pieces placed in differing directions. A teaspoon is also a dessert fork, and if coffee is served, is used for that. While the cake fork and salad fork may be the same type of fork, be aware that the location of this fork marks it for dessert only. Dessert cutlery may not be on the table; if missing, then these will be provided at the time they serve dessert.

This is the most common cutlery used for fine dining. While there are a great many pieces of cutlery available, many of these have a dedicated function and are dependent on the type of food served. If in doubt, cutlery is used farthest from the plate first. A basic knowledge of cutlery can give you the confidence to eat a fine meal with the right manners.

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