Salad is the new Cereal

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Learn about the healthiest breakfast in the world and why weightloss with this is so much easier!


Your are probably thinking what is this guy on about,Guest Posting a salad for breakfast?

Not to long ago I would have agreed that this is insane and having a salad any time is bad enough, but for breakfast is way too far, but the truth is, although everyone might tell you the best breakfast is full English, porridge or special K etc…

They are all pretty terrible breakfast, I won’t go into why they are so bad, as it would take to long and is far beyond the scope of this article.

The truth is a nutritious and is salad is by far one of the best breakfasts you can have and it’s a million times better than any breakfast cereal.

And I’m going to prove it to you, with 3 points why a green salad is the king of all breakfasts, whether it’s for weight loss, improved sports performance or increase in energy thought the day!

  1. Green vegetables, such as spinach, water cress and rocket are the highest oxygen containing foods, this means, when you eat a huge green salad for breakfast, it is like sitting in a room full of pure oxygen every day before you start the day. So in essence it’s like having an oxygen lift and detoxifying the body.

Where as would you like to guess how much oxygen is in a bowl of cereal or fried breakfast?

Pretty much 0 and that’s because it has all been cooked and processed, the fried breakfast unless done in coconut oil is literally killing you and the cereal isn’t much better because you might not think your cereal has been cooked, but the processing during making the cereal most certainly has cooked it and the milk will have been pasteurized, which is heating it up to kill all the enzymes and strip it of any nutrition it has.

  1. It is highly alkalizing, which might not sound important, but without going into to much detail, foods are either acid or alkaline with some being base.

Why is this important, our body and blood is an alkaline environment and like how we have to stay at a certain body temperature, we have to stay at a certain alkaline PH level, and the best way to do this is to eat alkalizing foods, such as green leafy vegetables.

 If you don’t do this and eat acid foods like cereal, grains, meat, bread and dairy products, your body has to try and neutralise this by using minerals and other nutrients in the body, which actually requires a lot of energy from the body and drains us. This is why most people start to feel tired mid morning or early afternoon, the acidifying so called ‘healthy foods’ such as cereal are wearing out the body.

Where as a fresh green salad, not only supplies the body with nutrients living enzymes and loads of anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals, it also helps keep us in an alkaline environment, which will make you feel much more energised and feeling better.

Following on from the other point an alkaline body also can absorb 20 times more oxygen, so you feel way better after a few days of salads for breakfast because of the high oxygen levels in your body, oxygen will also help detoxify the body because bacteria and illnesses thrive in an anaerobic acid environment, which is the opposite to what a big green salad will promote.

  1. It’s absolutely fantastic for improving health, if you start having huge green salad for breakfast, you can be guaranteed your health will improve, you will see improvements in your skin, energy levels, digestive system, brain function and much more because of the anti-oxidants and other nutrients contained in a big salad are feeding your body with exactly what it needs for once, as your health improves you will rapidly start to lose weight and feel better because excessive body fat is generally due to the body being in an un healthy state full of toxins from acidifying foods like dairy products, cereals and grains and the safest place to store toxins is in body fat as opposed to the essential organs and which will be harmed by these toxins.

Also as stated by the points above it will increase alkalinity and massively decrease illnesses as bacteria won’t be able to survive in a more alkaline environment.

This is also the reason why, when you normally try to lose weight, you fail it’s because you have not worked on getting healthier.

It’s simple really, ask yourself, do you think the body wants to lose that body fat, which is storing all those deadly toxins from the foods you eat and release them into your essential organs and blood stream to cause havoc on the body?

The answer is obviously NO, so until you start eating healthy and having lots of green vegetables to oxygenate, alkalise and supply your body with nutrients you will almost certainly never lose any weight.

On to the most important part of this article

What to put in your salad and why?

Right your idea of a salad if probably quite different to mine, like most people it’s generally a bowl of iceberg lettuce and maybe a few slices of tomato for decoration. Well let’s get things straight, that isn’t a salad!

To get all the benefits listed above, you will need to give your salad a serious overhaul, which isn’t a bad thing because it will taste much better and look a lot nicer. For starters it should be full of dark green leafy vegetables such as collard greens, watercress and spinach as these are some of the most nutritious vegetables around (Popeye was right).

It should have also some sort of sprouting like broccoli, sunflower seeds, or Quinoa as one you sprout foods they go through a process called transmutation which means for unknown reasons the food has more nutrients.

I would always suggest an avocado in a morning salad; it’s a great source of healthy fat for a slow steady release of energy throughout the day. Then it should be sprinkled with some nuts or seeds, such as pine nuts or flax / sunflower seeds.

There is also no reason you can’t through in some fresh fish on top or a few poached eggs for extra protein.

A simple dressing of avocado, flax or hemp seed oil with some lemon/lime juice or apple cider vinegar as these all have an alkalising effect on the body and will finish it perfectly.

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