Different Types of House Cleaning Gloves

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There are several different types of cleaning gloves.


With so much to do around the house with so many less or more damaging chemicals and dirt involved,Guest Posting the utilization of cleaning gloves has become a necessity. There are several different types of cleaning gloves from which to choose in order to better your effectiveness and maximize the protection of your skin and nails.

Standard tight fitting gloves

These gloves can be used for various purposes, they are in fact the most common type of cleaning gloves used around the house by women and men. They can be long up to the elbow, with cotton lining that prevents liquid entering the inside of the glove, where the skin remains protected by the soft cotton. The latex of these gloves is very durable and breathable at the same time, your hands won't get all sweaty inside and they'll be incredibly well protected. The ends of these gloves should be folded so that one can see the cotton from the outside.

Heavy duty gloves

Every home needs a pair of these, but there are mostly used by people with jobs that force them to have contact with corrosive chemicals that can leave permanent damage to the skin. They are waterproof and made from PVC and cotton for the perfect balance of protection and comfort. AT home you can use these when enduring heavy tasks such as cleaning the oven or removing paint from your old furniture.

Disposable gloves

These gloves can be made from different materials, and used for various purposes. They provide excellent tactile feedback for the wearer and the fact that you get rid of them afterward is very convenient. They are widely utilized for medical purposes, but at home you can use them if you want to avoid food contamination or if you dye your hair by yourself.

Microfiber gloves

With these gloves you won't need any kind of cleaning solution or water, the microfiber grabs the dust by itself and there is no need to find the right size, there is a standard that can fit to every hand, since the fiber is a material that can widen itself. The fiber attracts the dust and the fact that you don't need any cleaning product or water makes microfiber gloves a rather economical dust removing option.

You may never know for certain when you'll need cleaning gloves the most and which particular kind will be best suitable, therefore, for your own convenience, it is recommendable to have a pair from each of these in a drawer.


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