Australian Waste Facts: How Skip Hire Can Help

May 15


Smith Vicky

Smith Vicky

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Australia is only behind the USA in producing waste per person in a year. Here some Australian facts.


Australia is only behind the USA in producing waste per person in a year. In average, Australian Waste Facts: How Skip Hire Can Help Articles every Australian is throwing about 650 kg in one year. This means that an average Australian family of 4 people is generating enough garbage for a year to fully fill a three-bedroom house from floor to ceiling. These numbers are terrifying and the amount of waste generated per person in the country has grown for 5.4% over the last couple of years.


The highest items of waste Australians generate are:

  • Aluminum cans;

  • Food;

  • Plastic;

  • Glass bottles and jars;

  • Metal;

  • Paper;


Aside from being hazardous for the air and unfriendly-environmentally, the waste generated from households contributes to half of the rubbish in Australian landfills with the other half being made up from garden, industrial, etc. Do you know how can you reduce the amount of waste and save more time for your household tasks? It is simple, you just hire a skip bin company.


Skip hire bin companies deal with large amounts of non-recyclable items, such as metal items, building concrete objects, unusable doors and windows from old houses, etc. Unlike standard conventional skip bin companies, the Australian skip hire companies are allowed to throw such items and they are able to ensure both bins and waste are disposed correctly. These services are especially good when you are in need of getting rid of bulky and large amounts of debris.


Most skip bin companies in Australia are well positioned in removing and disposing items in a quite efficient manner. The garbage you cannot throw in your council bin can easily fit into a skip bin, as these companies deliver bins of all sizes. The skip hire companies may help in reducing the amount of waste disposed in Australia, which counts up to 18 tons per year. However, they can also reduce your time and garbage disposal costs you spend on your local government removal.


Hiring a skip hire bin company is very easy. These companies are available in virtually every city of Australia and the offer bins of different sizes, on which the rental prices depend. When renting a skip bin, you need to specify a rental period in days, weeks or months, which also contributes to the price. Once you fill up the bin, you just contact the skip hire company to come and pick up the waste and dispose it. The advantages of hiring a skip hire company are numerous, including for you, your environment and for Australia in general.