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Getting the right type of ... depends on what type of ... you want and what you want touse it for. When looking for ... divorce, it is smart to ... what you are

Getting the right type of divorceadvice depends on what type of divorceadvice you want and what you want touse it for. When looking for adviceabout divorce,Guest Posting it is smart to clearlydefine what you are seeking the advicefor so you can be sure to look in theright places.Seems simple enough right?Yes, but...lots of people who aredeciding about divorce and seekingdivorce advice lump the categories ofdivorce advice into one, and that's abig mistake. You should seek divorceadvice from different types of placesfor the different types of advice thatyou need. Certainly there's more typesof divorce advice categories, buthere's a partial list:Divorce advice type 1: Legal advicefor getting a divorce when you aresure that you want a divorce, nomatter how tough it will be to getthat divorce. When asking for thistype of divorce advice while meetingwith an attorney, you may be asked ifyou're certain that you actually dowant a divorce…if you do, don't waver,stick to your decision. It makes senseto have a good idea of all of theparts of your life, family andmaterials, that could be affected orsought after. You want to have yourfacts, account names, timelines, etc.,in mind when meeting with the attorneyso that your discussion is maximized.Divorce advice type 2: Legal advicefor getting a divorce when you arealmost sure that you want a divorce,but want to make sure that thefinancial considerations are in orderor that health of your children won'tsuffer in the long run. When askingfor this type of divorce advice, youmay want to consider seeking theadvice of an attorney or financialplanner for the financialconsiderations and a counselorexperienced in family matters for theimpact that a divorce might have onyour children. The point is, split thetwo concerns up so that you get thechance to speak to 2 different peoplewho specialize in each area so thatyou will get the appropriate divorceadvice.Divorce advice type 3: Legal advicefor getting a divorce in a case thatis relatively simple and will be aclean break, no financial or otherfamily considerations to take intoaccount for the divorce. This isperhaps the easiest type of divorceadvice to get because it infers thatyou have already made the decisionfrom an emotional standpoint andreally don't have any otherconsiderations of deep concern. Whenseeking this type of divorce advice,you most likely have limited financialconsiderations, a prenuptialagreement, or the situation itself asamenable to everyone and you just needsomeone to do the paperwork.Divorce advice type 4: Legal and/orcounseling advice regarding whether ornot divorce is right for you from apsychological, emotional and financialperspective. When asking for this typeof divorce advice, you may want toconsider seeking the advice of anattorney or financial planner for thefinancial considerations and acounselor experienced in ClinicalPsychology and "personal-life"coaching for the impact that a divorcemight have on you. Again, the pointis, split the two concerns up so thatyou get a chance to speak to 2different people who specialize ineach area so that you will get theappropriate divorce advice.Divorce advice type 5: Counseling foremotional support when decidingwhether or not you really want adivorce or are just unhappy in yourmarriage. This type of divorce adviceis crucial to your happiness becausewhen you're in an emotional state, itis tough to make lucid and rationaldecisions. And, if you're wrestlingwith deciding whether or not to get adivorce (purely from an emotionalperspective), you should do all youcan to make a logical decision becausehow you approach this decision and theaffects afterwards can be long lastingand far reaching. If you're arestruggling with finding divorceadvice, you may want to talk tofriends, counselors, even other familymembers.But, my divorce advice to you is, doit yourself.I'm not saying don't talk withfriends, counselors, and possiblyfamily. What I am suggesting is thatyou reach the final decision ofwhether to get a divorce on your own,you have to live with it, no one else.The answer is inside you, you justhave to get it out in a logical manner.Whatever type of divorce advice youneed, be sure that you're directingyour energies in the right direction.If you don't separate the emotionalaspects from the legal aspects ofdivorce advice, you might end upconfused and unable to get the mostout of any meeting you may have withan attorney or marriage counselor. Atthe end of the day, you should controlyour own destiny and make a smartdecision based on logic, controlledemotion, and forward thinking.Karl Augustine, "A Practical Guide To Deciding Whether Or Not Top Get A Divorce"*Marriage Counselor Recommended

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