Gardening with Tips - Tips and Activities

Jul 26


Colin McDonald

Colin McDonald

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Planting a garden can be a rewarding experience for anyone who goes through with this endeavour. Not only is a garden something that is beautiful to look at, but it can also be an important food source during the growing season and beyond.


If you are looking to start a garden in the near future,Gardening with Tips - Tips and Activities Articles make sure that you follow the correct process. Failure to plan and follow the procedures that are necessary for growth could quickly turn your garden dream into a nightmare.

The first thing that you must do is prepare your garden for growth. This must occur before you plant any seeds, since the soil must be fertile enough to support life. Many people keep compost throughout the year and then use it to fertilize their gardens in the spring. It is also possible to use synthetic fertilizers if you do not keep a compost. Both types of fertilization can be enjoyable and will keep you active for days.

Once the soil is ready for a garden, you can begin planting seeds or bulbs. The method that you use to plant depends entirely on the crops that you wish to start. With some plants, you must put bulbs into the soil for them to grow at a rapid rate. This requires you to plant them carefully, since you do not want to crowd the plants together. Flowers are a good example of this, as they need room for the roots to take hold. Therefore, you want to give each plant enough space. This type of planting is fun for anyone who likes getting down and dirty.

Other plants only require you to plant seeds. This is much easier, since you can just throw the seeds into the soil and cover them. Many find planting seeds fun because you can walk up and down the yard tossing seeds wherever you wish.

Since you have fertilized your soil, there is always the chance that weeds will infiltrate your garden. Some garden weeds can take over very quickly, so you must stay on them at all times. While some people use herbicides to kill weeds, this can do soil damage if done for long periods. It is best to pull the weeds out of the ground. Weeding burns many calories and works the entire body, which is why many people actually enjoy the process.

Pest Control
Much like weeding, pest control must be part of your garden routine, as insects and other creatures will try to feed on your plants. You can use pesticides or insecticides to kill these bugs, although you must be aware that you are potentially spraying a food source with these chemicals.

Non-toxic pest control methods include spraying liquid soap, garlic or hot sauce on the plants. Make sure that you dilute each ingredient with water before spraying it in the area. These ingredients will kill insects in a hurry, but will not do any damage to your plants.

You can also take the steps to attracting beneficial insects to your garden. These insects include wasps, ladybugs, hover-flies and lacewings, all of which will eat the insects that are killing your plants. Coming up with home remedies is enjoyable and ensures that your garden grows well.

Perhaps the most fun portion of gardening is the actual harvesting of your plants. This is when you get to reap the benefits of all of the hard work that you have put into your yard. Keep in mind that different plants ripen at different times of the year, so read up on the specifics before you pick anything. You can usually tell if a vegetable is ready just by looking at it, but you might have to pick one and taste it just to be sure.

Creating Art
Those who do not plant vegetables might want to turn their gardens into a work of art. This often occurs when people add things like stones, fountains and benches to their gardens to create a truly unique experience. These gardens are seen as works of art and are very fun to create. The great thing is that you can create your garden in any manner that you desire and add any number of different elements to it. This form of gardening takes more work, but it is also fun to see your vision for your garden taking shape.

Have Fun
It is important that you enjoy creating your garden because once it seems like work, there is a chance that you will not follow through with it. Add things to your garden that will make the process even more enjoyable, as this is the best way to keep things moving. In the end, only you can determine how you will get the most enjoyment out of it.