Hints On Selecting The Appropriate Materials And Sizes For Your Bar Stools

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Choosing the right materials and sizes for your bar stools can be a hard task if you do not know what you are looking for. Modern furniture has made bar stools more adaptable that they can be placed in the other parts of the home. They come in varied styles, designs and are made from different materials so you can choose what is suitable for your needs.

Gone are those days when bar stools are only for bar counters.  Nowadays,Guest Posting your dining room, kitchen and patio can make use of these stools even if you do not have a bar area. 


Bar Stool Size


This pertains to the height of the stool.  To get the correct size, measure your kitchen counter or your bar’s height.


For standard bar stools, determine the distance from the counter top to the floor.  Deduct 10 to 12 inches from that number.  The result will be the stool height.  Then, get the breadth amid the top of the table and the bottom part of its sides.  Do not measure up to the table’s legs.  If your table is wide, it requires a specific height for the stool.  For instance, if the width is 42 inches, then get a 32-inch barstool.  A 36-inch table will require a 30-inch stool.


Bar Stool Requirements 


Dining table will do well with a stool that is 28 – 30 inches in height.  If the stool is without a backrest, then get one that is 18 inches tall.


Stools with a height of 35 – 38 inches are appropriate for kitchen countertops.   Alternatively, get 24 – 36-inch bar stools if you have a real bar.  Tall tables that are 40 – 42 inches tall must have stools that are 28 – 30 inches high.


If you want some spectacular effect, then get the Spectator bar stools.  They are higher than the normal ones with a height of 32 – 34 inches.  Pair them with very lofty tables that are 45 – 48 inches tall.


Bar Stool Materials


Bar stools are made from the following materials: 




These are never outdated and quite popular for their resiliency and sturdiness.   The wood that is used for bar stools is rattan, wicker or teak.  Conventional types of abodes are best complemented with wooden stools.  These materials are also easy to maintain.




Strong like wood, metal bar stools are not easily damaged by ruthless weather conditions.   Metals used for stools are aluminum and stainless steel.   They do not easily wear away as long as you wipe drips and spills straight away.




Upholstered bar stools are more convenient to sit on and especially good if you have children around.  Leather, fabric cushions, suede, linen and vinyl are the common materials used for upholstery.  Select those that are not difficult to clean.  Extra caution is needed for drinks and food, as this can blemish the upholstery.




Up-to-date plastic bar stools come in varied colors so it can be matched to your current furniture.  They are suitable for contemporary homes.   They are similarly durable.




If you are a nature-tripper and an environmentalist, then these types of bar stools are for you.  Their designs and styles can easily fit in any theme and type of furniture.


Bar stools have come a long way.  Modern styles of stools are designed with an armrest, backrest and footrest.  Some have wheels and have a 380-degree rotation allowing the person sitting on it to turn when conversing.  They are good furniture to have for small and big gatherings.  Children love to sit on stools but make sure they have backrest.

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