How to be More Attractive after Marriage

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In the mundane and sentimental daily life, half of man's enthusiasm seems to be reduced.  In this situation, how can women be more attractive after marriage?

 Women get married at twenties,Guest Posting still Drunk with the joy of sweet love. But with the mundane and sentimental daily life, half of man's enthusiasm seems to be reduced.  Once he pressed hard upon her, and gradually become less away from the polymer. Badly,after several years, he even actually began on the extra-marital interest in young girls. With this situation, in order to attract your beloved and have the happy life and family, how can women be more attractive after marriage?

Have your own life

It is very important to have your life and leave the free time and apace for your beloved and yourself. Remember that your husband is not your whole life. The first day when we get married y, I said to him: “Since today, we are one now, so I will not ask what you are doing, if you aren’t with me. The same to you, But please you remember I'll be doing what you are doing,” I love to make friends, so I have many friends. When my husband is busy with work, I either do my favorite things at home, or go out to play with my friends. And we can even play late into the night. Such as the pub, dancing, eating and so on. I rarely call him at his entertainment time, unless in very special night, I call him to ask him to take care of himself. Such as pay attention to the road. I basically do not give him a call when he was busy with his friends. You trust him, then you won his trust belief.

 Have your loving Job

Have your loving joy and try your best to do better and improve yourself, which can help you to move forward with your beloved and have the same topic. If the gap between the couple is large, It is difficult to communicate with each other. I am ingressive, positive and optimistic person. My attitude towards work is try to do best. Because I have very strong passion for work and tread it as my hobby. I’m not afraid of difficulties and hard. Because of this, my husband appreciates me. He offended discuss the Difficulties in his work, and I also give him a lot of operational implementation recommendations. So he was particularly proud of me. Because I know if gap of the world view, self-cultivation and manner between the couple become larger and larger, then the crisis of marriage is more and more dangerous.

Strive to maintain the charm and sense of mystery.

In lots of unhappy marriage and love, they begin to ask for the beloved to be frank, be open to each other, and don’t allow the privacy. Once the two sides entered this state, the two sides no longer have a sense of mystery, thus the attractiveness of the two sides would rapidly decline. Many women complained, why men won’t love them like before, it is because you are no longer mysterious, he did not want to explore your ambition. So he will develop new and mysterious goal. Why online dating is so attractive? Because it is illusoryand mysterious.  So women have to maintain their mystique.

 Create a harmonious family atmosphere.

It would help you a lot, If you can Create a harmonious family atmosphere, treat her in-laws and try to be a good housewife it is said to hold the man's heart, we must take good care of man's stomach. It would be more attractive for women to prepare the delicious meal. At the same time, it is good to keep a good relationship with your husband’s parents. My mother is a very good particularly reasonable. So I get along very well and mother. I told her many family things, and she helped me with children, I thank her from the heart. During six years, she helps me a lot to take care of my son. After work, I would try my best to get home earlier to prepare the delicious food. So she also likes me very much. Commonly, I would buy some clothes and jewelry for her. I believe the relationship between us is Care-law's. Because I treat his mother well, so my husband is particularly grateful for my husband and love me more . 

Be a good tender wife for your husband

In married life, the sex accounts a lot. Thus the sexual attraction between husband and wife is very important. For example, I never walk around naked in front of her husband. As occasionally naked would stimulus the interest, But it would decline the attraction more frequent. In fact, it is more seductive to wear sexy pajamas then nudity. As long as you maintain a good body curve, it is most suitable to wear sexy pajamas. I think that black, green, sky blue, pale colors are very sexy. At the same time, the sexy lingerie and underwear is very helpful to keep in high enthusiasm. I prefer to buy them on line such as the dinodirect.It is reasonable in price and good in quality and also very sexy. It is the best time to buy them, when the stores promote the crazy week  or clearance sale activites. I believe you can enjoy the special moment. Besides, I never took husband's sexual blackmail. I think sex is a beautiful act for both parties; it can not be used to exchange. One thing is not to forget to dress up your husband. If the husband is still wearing a dirty shirt, it can only show his lazy wife.

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