Guangzhou 2010Asian Games:The King Liu Xiang Comes Back

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Flying Liu Xiang quited the competetion in Beijing Olympic Games, Now he is back in Guangzhou Asian Games and win three consecutive champions In Men's 110meter hurdles,The king come back.

Guangzhou2010 Asian Games track and field competition fiercely continues on November 24th. In the men's110m hurdles final,Guest Posting the Chinese highly anticipated champion Liu Xiang won the gold medal again with the record of 13.09 seconds. He achieved an unprecedented three consecutive champions of Asian Games in 110-meter hurdles final. At the same time, his achievements set a new Asian Games record that he himself created 13.15 seconds in Doha Asian Games.

The details of the competition

Liu Xiang achieved 13.48 seconds in the preliminaries, ranked first in all the players. This is best record in preliminaries, since he retired the race in the Beijing 2008 Olympics Games as the personal injury. It is also the best record in preliminary for him individually to participate in the Asian Games. Liu Xiang admitted to try to achieve 13.20 in an interview before the competition.

In the finals, Liu Xiang debut in the sixth Road, which make the 60,000 visitors on-site boiling and excited. He relaxes the body in the naughty face. Before the race, he indicates the audience to calm down so that he can hear the starting gun, then the scene instantly silenced in one second.

Reaction time for Liu Xiang to start is 0.122 seconds. His first three columns have reservations without 100% force. In the former 50-meters his leading advantage is not particularly obvious. In the later half, Liu Xiang to run with super technology firstly crossed the finish line.

Finally, Liu Xiang won the gold medal with 13.09 seconds, which sets a new season-best record and breaks the Asian Games record.

The previous injury

Recalling Liu Xiang’s life in the past two years,it should start form the morning of August 18, 2008 , when he will never forget and this is also unable to avoid. – In Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, Liu Xiang retired because of injury.

Before the game, His feet were damaged. He just can continuously stamp on the wall with his right foot severely to release his pain. "It is a major blow in my life." Liu evaluated his "retire." in Beijing Olympic Games. The blow tortured him more than a year. "Since that day, my heart always feels depressed. Combined with pressures from outside, so I can not let this blow go." He expressed his feeling. Even if he returned and achieved the record of 13.15 seconds on September 20th 2009 at the Shanghai Golden League, His heart still didn’t refreshed.

At the evening of May 23rd 2010, in Diamond League IAAF Grand Prix in Shanghai, Liu Xiang ran only at 13.40 seconds, ranked third after Shi Dongpeng with 13.39seconds. Liu Xiang and his couch lying on the room spent a sad night.

The painstaking Revival

After the Bitter experience, Liu Xiang and his master Sun Haiping started from scratch with a brand new attitude. Thus, they went to American to get the special rehabilitation treatment in June and August 2010. The affection is good, so Liu Xiang's feet can withstand quite a lot of training.

.Liu Xiang lost a total of 8 pounds and tanned quickly during the twenty days’ training from mid-August to early September. He returned to Shanghai in September with full confidence. However, when the second round began, his feet felt hurt with large amount of training. Liu Xiang began to try running from one time to three times a day. Later, Liu Xiang actively required an extra practice.

After the systematic training in the past one month, Liu Xiang told reporters on the training base, "It feels good.really; it seems to get back to the state at age of 20 years old." It is 2003 at his 20 years old, subsequently; he won the Olympic champion in Athens 2004.

Physically, there is no problem about Liu Xiang for achieve the gold medal in the Guangzhou Asian Games. At the other hand, the pressure from the media and the public, along with the bad affection of the quitting in Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, Liu Xiang is under the heavy pressure before the competition. So His couch and his team tried their best to help him to keep a normal balanced state of mind. So after the standard training, Liu Xing like listening music, having a walk or on line shopping to relax and have fun to adjust his mind. “I have bought cool-noveltieson dinodirect weeks ago. There are always some promotion activities such as Crazy week , clearance sales. It is very interesting. I’m just common people and have the common entertainment ways to release the pressure and keep happy.”

The king comes back

Rainbow after the storms! After more than two years, Liu Xiang again easily stands on the summit of Asia In the men's 110m hurdles final in the Guangzhou Asian Games, Which publicly declare the Return of the King. The world record of Men's 110 meters hurdles maintains by the Cuban player Roberts with 12.87 seconds. In Asia, Liu Xiang keeps the record of 12.88 seconds. “It is not the right time to publicize the Return of the King now. But I can tell you that I have unlimited potential, 12.88 seconds is not my limit, I even achieved 12.85seconds in training. Indeed, it is a limit, unless the person is not a planet, unless the start and the last three columns are perfect" Liu Xiang is confident to e re-conquer the world. His Master Sun Haiping smiled and said it is not a pipe dream for Liu Xiang to won the world champion again, He can do it.”

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