How to Choose an Air Purifier

Feb 16


Shawn Ye

Shawn Ye

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This article introduces some basic factors when you are choosing an air purifier.


Nowadays,How to Choose an Air Purifier Articles more and more people realize the importance of good environment we live. So a lot families begin to buy an air purifier for family. But people still do not know much about it. In this case, the following four points is useful for choosing a proper one.

1. Absolute Safety.
Fresh air is the aim that people want air purifier. Safety is the basic precondition of a good purifier. Shell, movements and purification technology are the three factors which would influence the safety, especially the purification technology.

2. Scientific Purification Principles.
There are five kinds of International air purification principles, they are the physical type, electrostatic, chemical type, anion and combined type. Generally, the one with multiple purification methods will have better purification effect. For example, dust, peculiar smell pollen those big particulate matter could filtered by physical method, while for allergic substances, virus, formaldehyde those harmful substances, we can use chemical methods.
The purification method could be divided into three kinds as initiative pattern, passivity pattern and compound pattern. Initiative one does function in inspiratory air; passivity way does good in the whole space. And the compound pattern combined the advantages of both patterns above.

3. Meet the Purification Requirements.
As far as air purification is concerned, cleaning function is the most important one. If your demands to air purification is just about improving air quality, then you can choose the good one only purify air.
However, with the development of life quality, purify air function is not the only demand, people want the one with humidifying function which could benefit to our skin.

4. Have the Authentication of the Third Party.
An air purifier is the one with ability to degerming, so this is one of the important factor when we choose an air purifier. Moreover, sales volume is also a checking index. Besides, staphylococcus albus, colibacillus and influenza virus could breed under the bed and sofa easily. All these are bad to human bodies, so it is better if your air purifier's purification function of solving those harmful substances had tested by some famous third parties.