How to Clean Greasy Baby Bottles

May 11


Jason Kassel, PhD

Jason Kassel, PhD

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Due to the fat in breast milk, you may find that your baby bottles become greasy. Even with regular cleaning and sterilization, this is a problem. If you have used soap and water but have not seen a noticeable improvement, there is another option available. It is actually not that hard to clean the grease off these bottles as long as you have the right stuff. Water, soap, a bottle brush, and vinegar are the only items necessary for this. Once finished, you should not feel any leftover grease and the bottles will be ready for use for your baby. It is safe and effective.



You will first have to fill up a sink with hot water and soap. Hot is the way to go as it is best for cleaning. If you cannot tolerate water that is too hot,How to Clean Greasy Baby Bottles Articles then try to put it at the highest temperature you can manage. Choosing cold or warm water will affect the cleaning power of the water itself, though, so try to keep it as hot as possible. After you fill up the sink with water at the hottest temperature you can handle, start adding in the soap. Choose a soap appropriate for bottles that can fight against bacteria.

Add in the bottles. Begin washing the outside as you normally do, cleaning it completely. Start moving to the inside using a bottle brush. Bottle brushes are, of course, built for this type of work so they are important. They can get into the bottle and actually help to remove grease, though the work is not done just yet. As you clean the bottle, remember to get everywhere. Do a thorough job cleaning. Make full use of the brush, get into every corner of the bottle, and clean the top where the nipple goes.

Put both vinegar and water into the bottle. Make it equal parts and then start rinsing. This will clear out some of what creates the grease and film inside of the bottle. Continue to rinse the bottle using the water and the vinegar and then clean them out. Rinse the bottles off with regular water to finish, removing anything inside. Leave the bottles to dry as you normally do.

It is not that hard to do any of this. Once finished, you should not feel any leftover grease in the bottle. They will be ready for use and your baby will not have any problems with them.