How To Setup A Office Desk To Avoid Clutter

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Clutter Creates A Bad Business Image A cluttered office desk doesn't just look bad and unprofessional, it can have a direct effect on how productive you are. In fact, according to a article ...

Clutter Creates A Bad Business Image

A cluttered office desk doesn't just look bad and unprofessional,Guest Posting it can have a direct effect on how productive you are. In fact, according to a article published in the Wall Street Journal, most executives spend around six weeks each year searching for documents. It can also have an effect on how successful your business is. It automatically gives clients the impression that you are disorganized and inefficient in conducting your business practices. But, there are some simple ways that can help you set up a office desk to avoid clutter. 

Choose The Right Office Desk

The right office desk can be crucial in avoiding clutter. The more drawers your desk has, the more places you have to store all the items you need. Just don't move the clutter from your desk top to your desk drawers. Plastic trays with dividers can be used inside the desk drawers where you can keep paper clips, pens, markers and other supplies organized and easy to find.

Designate A Place For Everything

One of the best ways to avoid clutter on your desk is to designate a place for everything you use. Take advantage of any drawers or shelf space you have and designate a specific place for everything. Place the items you use most often close at hand for quick access. The items you only use occasionally can be placed in the bottom drawers or on a shelf.

Keep A Garbage Can Close To Your Desk

It's only common sense to have a garbage can in your office, but to serve its purpose, it has to be close to your desk. Keep your garbage can within arms reach and get in the habit of using it. Don't allow answered messages, old memos, notes, or pens that don't write to pile up on your desk. It's much easier to avoid clutter on your office desk if you throw stuff away as soon as you are done with it.

File, File, and File Some More!

The importance of filing can't be stressed enough. Stacks of folders and files on your desk can quickly take over your entire work area. Make sure your office has a filing cabinet even if it's only a small one. Many office desks also come with filing drawers where you can keep your most used files right at your desk. Make it a point to file folders and documents away when you are finished with them.

Use Desk Top Organizers

There are numerous types of plastic desk top organizers and they are very affordable. Desk organizers are ideal if you don't have a lot of drawers in your desk. You can find organizers that can hold anything from note pads and forms, to scissors, paper clips and pens. To maximize desk top storage, choose organizers that spin 360 degrees so you can quickly find exactly what you need.

Clean Your Desk Before You Leave Work

While getting home might be your top priority at the end of the day, never leave your office with a cluttered desk. Spend the last ten or fifteen minutes of your work day cleaning your desk and putting every thing back in its proper place.  By making sure your desk is clean before you leave work, you can begin your day with a clean desk and a stress free morning. And, in today's hectic work place it's important to relieve as much stress as possible.

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