Is Car Seat Safe for Newborn

May 11


Jason Kassel, PhD

Jason Kassel, PhD

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Car seats play a vital role in the safety of your child. If you have a vehicle, you need a car seat. There is no way that you are taking your newborn home if you do not have one, and there is a good reason for that. A car seat keeps your newborn safe while on the road, lowering the risk of injuries during a crash or any type of trouble while driving. If you do not have a car seat, or if the baby is not in a car seat, the baby is in danger. You might not see the danger immediately, but the damage can happen quickly.



A car seat is safe for a newborn as long as it is suitable for one. When you purchase a car seat,Is Car Seat Safe for Newborn Articles you want to make sure that it is appropriate for newborns, meaning rear facing and not upright. This is the best option because it is proven safest for newborns. You want to check the recommended age for the car seat as well as for your baby’s specific age. With newborns, it is clear that the safest way to go is down and rear facing because the baby is not fully developed. In a crash, this type of car seat will provide the greatest amount of protection.

With the right car seat, you should have no trouble, as long as you are using it. You want to use a car seat at all times while in a moving vehicle. Even if you feel it is okay to hold the baby at some point during the driving, or if you would feel better holding the baby, you should not do this. In an accident, your body may crush the baby or the baby may leave your grip. In either situation, there is a high risk of injury. This might cause death, as well.

Newborns should remain in car seats at all times when in a vehicle. Regardless of how you personally feel about the situation, you do not want to take the newborn out. It is a fact that newborns are safest when in a car seat. Choosing to take your baby out will only lead to an increased risk of injury or death. Any type of problem on the road becomes far more dangerous for the baby when not in the appropriate car seat. Avoid this by making the safe choice from the start.

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