Is Picking Your Kids Up From School Wrong?

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So why don't you just stop trying to do it all? Instead, contemplate some of the advantages of not being that "go-to" person every time: Someone else will get a turn. It's great to know that Scott and the grandparents can attend stuff, too

As a working mother,Guest Posting there is much debate about picking up your kids once in a while and letting them play hooky. Should you do it? Is it reccommended? Will it damage your kids? I think not- I have been a working mother for more than 22 years and every once in a while your kids and you both need a break from working. It doesn't harm anyone in fact it really can be a good thing. I love to show up early and tell the principle they have a doctors appointment and then head to Burger King and a movie. It is a little secret just between us.

Picking up your children from school early (or just letting them skip the day all together) is often debated in working mother circles. If you can manage it, pick your kids up from daycare or school once a month, or even more if you are able. Plan for it, put it in your calendar, and consider it as important as any work meeting.

As a child, my parents almost never picked me up from school because they were always working. But the few times they did were very memorable for me. So whenever I can, I try to be the one who picks my kids up. And then I do my best to make it memorable. We always do something fun, like a trip to the bookstore for something new, or even better--an ice cream cone!Question Bowl. Before your meal, take Post-it notes and write questions on them. Consider your kids' interests and recent activities. For example, "Which country would you like to visit and why?" or "If you were on a deserted island and could only eat one food, what would it be?" The idea is to pick subjects that will start conversation at the table. For this activity, I let my older daughters help with the preparation and have them write a question or two to place in the bowl.

Your children need you to be present and you need you to be present for your family's sake. Many years from now, you will all be grateful for the lack of distractions and the focus on the people you care about most.

Today's life challenges are entirely different than the ones your parents faced. Don't allow business and life to distract you from living your life in the present.

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