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Wooden blocks are there are for centuries. wooden blocks are used as toys .wooden blocks comes in different styles and different shaped and sized blocks  for kids and  are very popular toy.

Wooden blocks are the simplest toys that can be given to children. They are the best toys to   be given to children. They have warm and smooth feel and pleasant touch .wooden blocks can be used as educational blocks that have number and alphabets and letters so that children can learn the shapes of the letters .these wooden blocks have different shapes and it is also multicolored so that it can help children match the colors and match the shapes. A Wooden blocks also improve imagination where children cannot remember and also lets children get the basics of architecture,Guest Posting geometry, and physics. this makes them  to learn great  so the children can use  this building blocks to spell out their names  or line the blocks  up 1 to 10 and  also promote early kids development systematically. Since this wooden blocks are painted in different colors this can be used to teach colors along with teaching concepts of learning. Some children like the lining up the concept of wooden blocks. Most of these wooden blocks are hand crafted and help foster the openings of a child’s mind. Some children   aged 3 to 5 year enjoy stacking the wooden blocks while a 6 or 7 year old child wants to build a structure using this   building block.

Older children like to play with different kinds of wooden blocks and those include blocks that interlock and some that look like logs. The combination of the kinds of blocks lets children build different things and experience different styles of learning. Kids of all ages have fun when playing with toy building blocks .By playing with these blocks it presents an opportunity for development of social skills and also have linked to stronger math skills and problem solving skills.

There are some blocks that are from softwood trees and produce hard lumber and some hardwood trees produce soft lumber. There are some blocks which are expensive and are very durable. And if you want blocks with   safe and   somewhat durable then you can try walnut or oak designs. There are lightweight and durable wooden blocks which are made up of hard maple. And even some wooden blocks come with natural finish and some with paint .make sure while buying wooden blocks it is not painted and does not contain harmful substances. Because some manufacturers they often soak this wooden blocks in chemicals to avoid damage from pests .these wooden toys  really teach kids  and let them develop their  imagination and help kids make their more connections in their brains and learn faster.

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