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Kate Raven, a pretty and endearing girl of 11 lived in a small house down at 15th New Street. She’s the eldest in the brood of four. Her parents are laborers are laborers at Kem Manufacturers who produces bamboo products.

Being laborers,Guest Posting her parents only have meager income not enough to provide all of their four children. Kate might be a bit deprived but she’s lucky to have good friends. One of them happens to be Vince Lunar, a boy of her age. He lived across the street. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Lunar, wealthy businessmen in their small city. They have a huge three-storey house and a very wide garden. It is in this garden where Vince and Kate usually play since their younger years. During these times, this is where they do their assignments. Kate loves to read books. Vince likes to play a guitar and he sings wells too.

This afternoon Kate visited his friend Vince, after school. He found him in the garden again. But this afternoon, she’s surprised to see him with an earphone on and holding something small and gray she’s not familiar of. “What is that?”—Kate asked. “This…? This is an MP3 player”-he told her while pointing at his new, gray MP3 player. “Oh...I haven’t known a thing like that until now. Where did you get those?”-Kate asked. “This is mom and dad’s gift to me. My math subject improved and as a reward for my achievement, they gave me this.“ He reached for DinoDirect’s box and found a user guide. “Read that to understand how an MP3 player works. Despite the fact that she understands that she cannot to afford to buy one, Kate read with much enthusiasm and began to get intrigued where to buy the MP3 player. In the course of her reading, she caught the attention of very good images of various styles of an MP3 player. And below that page she finds the link:

“Here try it on. I know how much you like music.”-Vince finally said after seeing her friend beamed at the sight of the pink MP3 player on page 10 of the user guide. Vince was playing Justin Bieber’s –Baby.

“This is so cool…!”Kate muttered. Vince introduced the contents of the MP3 player. “Do you have songs by Taylor Swift?”-Kate asked. She likes Taylor Swift and enjoyed listening to her songs over the FM radio. Only this afternoon, her teacher, Miss Bailey asked her to represent for a singing competition comes the annual St. Mary’s school festival which is a couple of weeks from now.  She said yes to Miss Bailey but without yet knowing what to sing. She finally had an idea to borrow Vince’s MP3 player.

“Vince, how do you like to find singing up in the stage?”-Kate said.

“Well, I’d like to see you sing but only for me…”—Vince teased her.

“Oh!”-Kate said frowning.

“Of course, Kate you can sing.”-Vince said with seriousness this time.

“Ok then, will you let me borrow this MP3 player? I have to listen very thoroughly to Taylor Swift’s song. The one I especially liked. I should be able to master that piece so I could take home the cash prize. Who knows I might win. And by then, I could buy and own an MP3 player, too.”

“Of course, just take extra care with my MP3 player and the kit itself. “

That night and more nights that followed, Kate’s new company is an MP3 player. Her father, a good singer too, coached him with the vocals. At home, they play the MP3 player through the speakers (courtesy of Vince again). In school, she is coached by Miss Bailey.

Come the event, the Annual St. Mary School’s Festival, Kate came very pretty in her apple green dress and came prepared to sing and win. She sung very beautifully and got the judges’ nod.  She won the first place and brought home a trophy and the cash prize. Miss Bailey decided that she should take the prizes because she deserves it.

Kate gave one half of the cash prize to her mother and the other half for herself. She will buy a new MP3 player.

“I could never thank God for helping me in the contest. Finally, I have my own MP3 player” Kate told her mom.” “Of course dear, God helps those who pray to Him. Congratulations again, sweetie.” Her mom told her. “Congratulations Kate, we’re so proud of you” Kate’s dad added as she approached the two talking with each other.

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