Overcoming the Two Most Common Baby Milestone Problems

Sep 22


Dalene Joubert

Dalene Joubert

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Probably the two biggest baby milestone problems parents struggle with, are the lack of a clear route to follow, and struggling with the specific age ranges within which these milestones should be mastered. This article gives you guidance and a few practical tips.


Probably the two biggest baby milestone problems parents struggle with are these...

- They suffer from a lack of a clear route to follow,Overcoming the Two Most Common Baby Milestone Problems Articles and secondly,

- They suffer from a lack of specific age ranges within which these milestones should be mastered

Let's go ahead and look how parents are troubled by a lack of a clear route.

Many parents instinctively know that babies eventually grow up and learn to sit, crawl and walk. But obviously there's more to it than this. Most parents are totally unaware of all the clear signs along the way indicating if development is still okay.

What this means is that parents may be unaware of what exactly to look for while their child is growing up. They frequently do not know how to measure their child's progress.

One of the easiest and best ways to follow your infant's development route is by tracking progress against the baby milestones. During your baby's first few years, physical development is one of the most important noticeable areas of progress.

Of course there are many other developments that also take place at the same time, but many of them are more difficult to spot.

Knowing which milestone to look for goes a very long way to help parents measure their baby's development. And to know if your baby masters all the skills and gets all learning skills while growing up.

Although noticing the baby milestones is already a great relief and comfort for worrying parents, it still lacks one important part, namely timing.

Baby milestones involve more than merely following a specific route. It also requires babies to stick to a very specific schedule. This is the one area where many parents often lack guidance. They are unaware that there's a schedule (and sequence) to mastering the milestones.

What this means is that baby milestones must not only be mastered, but must also be mastered within a specific age range. Nature helps babies to learn certain essential development skills while they're learning to master the major physical milestones.

All babies do not develop at the same rate and they do not spend the same time to master each of the milestones.

Slight variations in the rate of development are very normal. However, your baby's rate of development should still happen within the norms of a 'normal' (typical) baby.

So, even though an infant may be mastering a specific baby milestone, s/he may be doing this too late compared to the norm. It is therefore important to identify any development problem as soon as possible, regardless of the reason for the delay.

Stated differently, regardless of how cruel it may sound, but even infants are in trouble if they miss their deadlines. Only their deadline is the ability to properly master a specific skill at the right age. And as a rule of thumb, remedial actions will always be more effective the earlier a problem is spotted.

Keep in mind that it is not only the physical milestone that your baby does not master if a deadline is missed, but also the associated subtle perceptual skills are affected.

So, what is the real key to ensuring your baby's best development?

Here's my 2-Step Plan for mastering baby milestones:

Step 1: Learn the major baby milestones and the associated skills your infant must master. And make sure s/he masters them.

Step 2: Learn the schedule for reaching these milestones. When must each of the milestones be mastered? And then ensure they are mastered at the right time.

However simple these 2 baby milestone tips may be, they work.

It even gives you the chance to take the right remedial actions at the right time thereby getting the right result... should it ever be needed.