Party Theme Ideas for the Best Sweet 16

May 11


Jake Green

Jake Green

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If your son or daughter's 16 birthday is coming up soon, you're probably looking for ideas for many aspects of the party including food, desserts, entertainment and themes. This article lists some of the most popular theme ideas that are used for sweet 16 parties.

It is known to the entire human race that a party is an occasion where each and everyone who attends the party can enjoy their selves and may have ultimate fun. A party must be full of entertaining things so that all those who attend the party may remember the party for life long. To make you party a success and make it memorable to all the ones who attend the party, Party Theme Ideas for the Best Sweet 16 Articles you must make great plan to throw a theme based party. If you can bring a theme of the occasion for which you are throwing your party, then it really will be great occurrence and all will be appreciating the theme and along with that your theme based party.

You can think of the theme of you party by yourself just by applying your creative ideas. But to provide you a helping hand in this case, some of the party theme ideas for the best sweet 16 are highlighted over here. These party ideas will surely be very helpful to you to make your party much more colorful and full of joy and happiness. Have a look on the party theme ideas for the best sweet 16 which are enlisted below:

  • Oscar Party – This is a party based on the theme of Oscar functions. Tell your friends to come in the appearance of their favorite celebrate and give out Oscars to those mock celebrities in the party. It will be a great fun.
  • Movie Party – This party can be organized by taking up a hit movie and acting out all the movie characters by the ones who attend the party. It will be a great experience indeed.
  • Mystic Party – In this party you must hire a fortune teller and tell him to read out the palms who attend the party. Knowing the future will be the centre of attraction of your party.
  • Spa Party – You can make your party much more sophisticated by arranging a mini spa corner at your party. Hopefully no one will miss your party.
  • High Tea Party – You can request your friends to come in a hot afternoon of high tea in your party.
  • Alice in Wonderland Party – This party is based on the story of Alice in Wonderland, so hats must be an accessory for all those who will attend the party.

Hope all the party theme ideas for the best sweet 16 as mentioned over here will be a great boost for you to make a plan bout the theme of the upcoming party your are about to throw. So, do not waste a bit of time, get ready to plan about the best theme of your party and let all your friends get surprised whenever they will attend the party. Make the theme of your party unique and so entertaining that no one among the ones who will attend your party will be able to forget the moments they have spent in this party. Make yourself special among all by throwing a great theme based party.