School Fundraisers that Makes Money

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The article describes how your young students can make huge profits running your school or youth fundraisers as a business.

To make huge amounts of money for your next school fundraiser you first of all need to create awareness and excitement.

Here are 5 very important things to consider:

  • When planning a school fundraiser the most important question you need to answer is: How much money do you need to raise?
  • How many students do you have that can help carry out the school fundraiser?
  • When will the school fundraiser start and when will it end? It is generally a good idea to have the fundraiser last 2 weeks or less. With a smaller window of opportunity,Guest Posting people are more inclined to act immediately. It is important to get a commitment to the fundraiser the first time, and eliminate the need for a second sales pitch.
  • Collect the payment at the point of sale. This eliminates the need to collect payment at the time of delivery and does not allow for lost revenue due to undeliverable product.
  • What is the profit percentage allocated to the your school activity?

Is your community aware of your school’s intentions, its activities, and why you need a fundraiser? You may want to send out press releases or flyers to increase awareness.

Does your students need:

  • new uniforms?
  • money for a summer camp?
  • specialized enrichment classes?
  • to attend competitions?

Let them know the goal that your school is working toward. All your communications should specifically state how much money you are trying to raise for the stated purpose.

After the fundraiser has taken off and you have reached your goal, let the contributors know and thank them for their participation. This goodwill message will leave a positive image of your school, and encourage them to support your next school fundraiser.

Select a product such as coffee, magazines, or candles for your fundraiser since most people are likely to use them anyway so it is already included in their budget. This way your contributors can enjoy a high quality product and feel good about supporting their school students at the same time.

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