Should I Add Motion Sensors To My Home Security System?

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Home security motion detector information.

What is a motion sensor & why should you consider adding one to your existing security system?

So you may have a security system already. Yes,Guest Posting you may have several of your doors & windows protected... But what if you did not have ALL of your doors and windows wired for contacts?

You may be suprised that the majority of homes that have security systems are actually under protected. Thats right, due to finances, many people choose a security system that protects only 2-3 doors or windows?

In fact... In some areas where the older homes were not pre-wired for security beforehand, some people choose to simply protect their front and back door only.

What does that mean for you?

Some protection is beeter than no protection is well known, but it is troublesome to me that a burglar could gain access to the inside of the home through any window of the house and not set off the security alarm system. Now you can see why a motion sensor comes in handy.

How A Motion Detector Works

Imagine a decvice that is approximately 3" X 4" that is strategically placed in a corner of your home so that the stairway that leads to your bedrooms is protected.

Now picture an invisible ray that projects a web up to 40 feet long. Anything or anyone that crosses that invisible barrier will trigger a security alarm signal immediately notifying the authorities.

Different Kinds Of Motion Detectors Available

1) The Standard Hardwired Motion Sensor: this motion sensor will be installed if your home has been pre-wired for security or you have basement access to run wires for it. If you have an inside pet this may not be the option for you as it will set off false alarms as it detects their movement.

2) Pet Immune Motion Sensor: this motion sensor ignores pets that weigh under 60 lbs and will eliminate the false alarms caused by small dogs and cats.

3)Wireless Motion Sensor: This will be utilized when the residence is not pre-wired for security and you lack access for a security installer to run wires at a later date. Wireless motion detectors are available in both the standard & pet immune variety

4)Duel Tech Motion Sensors: This specialized motion detectorr not only works like the Pet immune sensor...It goes one step further.

It not only detects motion ...Additionally, it also necessitates detecting heat from a body before setting off an alarm. As you can imagine this is the best motion detector available. However it is also has the greatest cost. Sensors are available in both hardwired & wireless variety.

Motion detectors provide an extra layer of defense to your alarm system. They are truly handy when securing a basement with multitude of windows. any movement downstairs will trigger an alarm scaring a burglar away. Which motion sensor seems right to you?

Why not talk to a security system consultant to find out how you may add one to your existing system?

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