Soy Wax Candles - An Environmentally Friendly Choice

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Read about how these amazing little candles can help you join the Green revolution and provide you with the perfect gift.

Soy Wax Candles,Guest Posting they just make scents! Sorry about that - but you have probably heard about soy wax candles, but you might not have tried them. What are they really? How are they different from regular paraffin candles? Why should you switch?

From the Great Outdoors to Your Romantic Dinner

Soy candles are made from hydrogenated soybean oil. That wordy fact may seem boring or at odds with the romantic nature of candles, but it is actually very important. Soy wax was invented in the early 1990's when American Michael Richards was looking for a cheaper alternative to the natural, but expensive, beeswax.

Soy wax is an all natural product that is completely renewable and less expensive than beeswax. Because soybeans can be produced here in our own country, soy candles don't add to our dependence on foreign oil. Granted, the paraffin candle industry makes up a tiny percentage of our use of petroleum-based products, but every little bit makes a difference. Burning soy candles is a painless and fragrant way to go green.

Soy Wax Candles Are Safer to Burn

Normal, paraffin-based wax candles release several toxins into the air as they burn, while soy wax candles are non-toxic and non-carcinogenic. These all natural candles produce very little soot, unlike paraffin candles, which means less soot to remove from walls or jars. They are biodegradable and water soluble. Soy wax even cleans up with soap and water, so spills or drips are easily remedied.

More For Your Money

The melting point of soy is lower than paraffin, so soy candles burn cooler and longer. Soy wax candles last up to 50 percent longer than regular candles. They also burn more evenly, maintaining a large pool of liquid around the wick, which releases scent better.

Easy Candles to Make at Home

Making soy wax candles at home is an easy project, even for first timers. Besides containers and wicks, the only supplies needed are wax dye, fragrance oil, and soy wax, which comes in blocks or flakes. The ratio of oil to wax is usually one ounce of fragrance oil to one pound of soy wax.

Instructions are simple. Over medium heat, melt wax completely. Remove from heat and add fragrance oil and dye based on the manufacturer's guidelines. Pour into the container and place wick in the center, securing the wick with a toothpick. Because soy wax is completely safe, utensils and containers can be put in the dishwasher, while spills clean up easily with a soapy cloth.

Tips For Safety and Getting the Best Results from Soy Candles

As with all candles, soy candles should never be left unattended and should be kept away from children, pets, and anything flammable. Allow candle to reharden before lighting, and trim wick to 5 mm or around a quarter of an inch before burning. Keep candles from too long in direct sunlight to prevent fading of dyes.

The best way to extinguish a soy candle is with a wick dipper which is used to push wick into the liquid wax and pull it back up. This prevents smoke. The main tip for soy candles is the simplest of all. Burn and enjoy!

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