The History of Melting Wax Candles

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The History Of Melting Candles.

Melting Wax Candles

A common question that people ask is,Guest Posting “Where does candle wax come from?”. Well there are many different kinds of wax, but the most common is bees wax. References to bees wax can be found in many historical text, and in ancient times it was used as a cure to dysentery, put in cosmetics, and being used in melting wax candles. Bees wax was also used by the Romans to make death mask and was also used by people looking to honor themselves by making statues out of the wax. Bees wax was so popular that when Rome conquered the city of Trebizond in the first century AD,  they demanded wax.

Melting wax candles has made many strides over the centuries and is now becoming immensely popular. The wax used for candles is now becoming the main subject for wax candle makers. There are many choices to choose from. Paraffin, a petroleum based wax, and other natural waxes that are made from plants such as soy, palm, and bayberry. Soy based wax is becoming more and more popular and is a favorite among wax candle makers. Soy wax is Eco-friendly, and the best thing about it is that most of the soybeans are grown in the United States. The most pricey of waxes is bees wax. Makers pursue it because of its pleasant aroma, burning quality, and the texture of the wax.

When it comes to melting wax candles the sky is the limit. There are endless amounts of colors, shapes, and scents to choose from. With the technology and innovations of today's world, you aren't bound to making your wax candles out of plain bees wax as the ancient Romans and early Europeans were. Melting wax candles is a science and art form now. Wax candle makers can choose from petroleum based candle waxes such as paraffin, to natural candle waxes made soy, palm and bayberry plants. Years ago people couldn't have imagined that they would be making melting wax candles from plants.

Melting wax candles has made great strides through the innovations of history. From using wax candles as death mask, being thought of as the latest technology of the day, and to currency, now wax candles are ready for you to enjoy melting in your home. The benefits are ready for you to reap. So get your molds and double pots ready and begin melting your wax candles.

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