Terrible Family Violence

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Many women and children are suffering family violence.Family violence is really a poison to both society and individuals.What should we do for this problem?

"Family violence" is a term that includes many different forms of abuse,Guest Posting mistreatment or neglect that adults or children may experience in their intimate, kinship or dependent relationships. Family violence is a complex problem, in which many different factors (individual, relationship and societal) play a role.

There are two main victims in family violence:

1. Women.

Family violence is the most common violent crime in America. According to Physical Violence in American Families, "just over 16%, or one in six, American couples experienced an incident involving physical assault during 1985" Women is physically weaker, so they are the immediate victim when their husband is unhappy. Especially for those illiterate women, they don't know how to communicate technically with family members and also have no idea how to adopt correct way to protect themselves

2. Children

People, who are ill-treated or relegated to a degraded position in society, often respond by venting their frustration on someone whose societal position is even lower. In some countries, many children are often badly treated by their hot-tempered parents. Besides abused directly by husband, they often watch helplessly while their mother is beaten and can do nothing to save her. It absolutely brings passive shadow all through their life.

How to help Women and Children coping with violence?

For women, they can try their best to create a warm and harmonious family atmosphere to all the family members. They can arrange more group activities within the family, like traveling together, or going out shopping together or taking parties and preparing gifts for special holidays.

For children, children can try to learn non-violent conflict resolution, anger controlling and other skills which will serve them well in their future relationships.

All in all, family violence is really a poison to both society and individuals. We should draw all the solutions we have to avoid it.

At the meantime, society and local government also should pay high attention on this problem and take effective actions to reduce the events of family violence.

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