The Value of Antique Wood Stoves

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Antique wood stoves provide decoration and can still be used for heating and cooking. Stoves from as long ago as the 1870’s are available for purchase in antique stores and over the Internet.  Antique wood stoves are collector’s items that are very valuable to some people.

They are also great additions to restored homes,Guest Posting hotels, or museums. 

There are many different types of antique wood stoves available. Some of the most popular types are Victorian models and pot bellied stoves.

Victorian wood stoves are made of cast iron and feature a wood-burning oven. They were often used for cooking and were usually kept in the kitchen. They are often large and rectangular; some have shelves and ledges above the oven that are used for storage. Victorian wood stoves are often elaborately decorated, with silver and gold inlays complimenting the iron body.  

Pot belly wood stoves are shorter, squatter and smaller, and can be distinguished by their barrel-shaped body. Pot belly stoves have a round oven in the center of the body. These stoves are usually less elaborate than Victorian stoves, but they are still decorated with engravings and designs.  

Many antique wood stoves are still in working order. People often use these stoves to cook food or heat their homes. The basic designs of most types of wood stoves have not been changed much over the last century, so people who use antique wood stoves are not giving up any type of modern convenience.   

Antique wood stoves look great in hotels with a historic décor. Many tourist attractions such as museums and old restored homes have antique wood stoves on display.  

Antique wood stoves are valuable for several reasons. They are rare, making them collector’s items. Most of them are still functional and they can add authenticity to historically themed hotels and tourist spots.

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