Top and Bottom Mount Fridges - Now with Ice & Water

Nov 16


Trent A

Trent A

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Today, top and bottom mount fridges are becoming more and more popular. With the increased demand, these fridges are finally being equipped with ice and water, and coupled with the fact that a lot of people are living out of apartments, they make the perfect fridge.

At last top and bottom mounts with ice and water! People no longer have the house with the white picket fence and the hills hoist. More and more people are moving into inner city apartments with small cavities for fridges. I grew up with a big side by side and very much enjoyed the pleasure of having ice and water available. It is now time to purchase my first place and thanks to Sydney’s booming property market an apartment is the only option,Top and Bottom Mount Fridges - Now with Ice & Water Articles and I really would like an ice and water fridge. Unfortunately, every place I look at only has a kitchen that will take a top/bottom mount fridge. So now Samsung and LG have produced a top and bottom mount with a water dispenser, and F&P have also jumped on the bandwagon producing a great looking top and bottom mount with a water dispenser and internal ice maker. The F&P E522B delivers filtered water at the touch of a button through a fully plumbed in water dispenser which was missing with the Samsung models. The first generation of these fridges significantly reduced the storage within the fridge however the new generation has succeeded in giving a water dispenser without impeding with shelf space. Will there be any chance of seeing a top/bottom mount fridge with a home bar in the door? I hope so. A small size fridge to fit my apartment with water dispenser and home bar would make me, and many people living in apartments very satisfied. We have seen the Korean manufactures lead the way in water dispensing top/bottom mount fridges, and now the Kiwis have are taking it to the next level.

Next time you’re looking for a fridge and want ice and water, take into consideration some of the new top and bottom mount fridges available, they just might be what you’re after.