Front Load vs Top Load washer - Which One To Choose

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If you have ever been in the market for a new washing machine, you have properly asked yourself the question, which one do I choose, a front load or a top load washer? While both have there advantages and disadvantages, surely there has to be one, defiant winner who’s hand is raised at the end of the 12th round.

Anyone who has bought a new washing machine,Guest Posting would, at some stage have to had picked between a front and top load washer. Some people will swear a top load is the way to go, however there are others who will chant just as hard for the front load.

Top Load Washers

The top load washer has been the market leader in terms of washing machines for many years. They are common in many households, and have been the first choice for many people purchasing a washing machine. The top load is great for anyone who doesn’t have much time; one main advantage is that it is much quicker to wash your clothes. Your cycle will generally be finished much quicker than if it was done in a front load washer. Another main advantage is that the top load is right in front of you, and you don’t have to bend down to put your clothes in. This may be ok if you’re young and don’t have a bad back, however a lot of older people would rather not bend over when they have the choice.

Although at this point the top load seems the way to go, like anything there are some disadvantages. One is they use a lot of water, and we know that today this is a very vital factor. Water conservation is more important than ever, and if you purchase a top load, forget getting any kind of rebate from the government except for the odd one or two machines new two the market place. Another disadvantage is that they are hard on your clothes, from experience I know this, I found even after a couple of months my t-shirts were stretched and almost ready for the gym pile. You can get top loaders without the agitator but these machines do not achieve the greatest wash results.

Front Load

Front load washers were in older days used heavily in commercial businesses, however now days they are smaller, more affordable and better looking, which make them a great household washer.

The front loads main advantage is the water conversation, while the top load lacks in this category, the front load exceeds. The front load uses up to 60% less water and up to 68% less energy than conventional top loading machines, saving you on those electricity bills. As well as the water conservation front loads are much gentler on your clothes. The main reasons for this are because they have a drum with no agitator, and your clothes will not get caught and stretch.

While front loaders hit the lead with their water conservation, they fall back again with their longer wash cycles. There are models out these days with quick wash cycles; however this is only effective with lightly soiled fabrics like sheets, as heavily soiled loads will not clean properly.

The Final Verdict

So, here is the question you have been waiting for, which one really dominates? In my opinion, I have to lean towards the front load washer. I think water conservation is a big thing, and if everyone had a front load, a lot less water would be wasted washing clothes. This coupled with the fact that it is much gentler on my clothes, is enough to push me over the edge. Go the front load.

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