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Owning home trampolines for fun and for fitness is increasingly commonplace these days. Many households across the country have an 8, 10, 12 or 14ft trampoline in the back garden for children and adults alike. It’s a great way to keep in shape and providing you follow simply safety procedures, a fun and safe way to enjoy some exercise.

As you may be aware,Guest Posting trampolining has become somewhat of a backyard craze in last year or two. It’s a fantastic way to have fun and keep fit for old and young alike. Trampolines are easy to keep, require little active maintenance and come in many different sizes (typically 8ft, 10ft, 12ft and 14ft) and shapes such as round trampolines and rectangular trampolines. Trampoline safety is often the primary concern leveled towards them and it is often blown out of proportion. Approximately 75% of all accidents that occur on a trampoline at home occur when more than one person is on the trampoline. This is because all trampolines, no matter what the size, are intended for one person usage. No matter how confident the users of the trampoline are you should always take turns. By allowing groups of two or more people onto a trampoline you are greatly endangering everyone involved, especially the smallest of the participants who is likely to be overbalanced by the activities of the other people.

Falling is the main concern for many first time trampoliners but is in fact easy to overcome. An easy way to add security for new bouncers or children is to use a safety enclosure. Many modern trampolines, especially those in the MadDash range come with fixtures for recommend safety enclosures and ladders so that you easily be able to climb on and off. To build confidence before using your trampoline to it’s full potential I recommend that you get used to the feeling of ‘bouncing’. Once your trampoline is erected in a safe, clear space position yourself in the very centre of the mat. Swing your arms up gently in a circular motion and push off gently. Brace to land by maneuvering your feet to approximately 15 inches apart. While in the air you should be straight with your toes pointed downwards. Try jumping a little higher each time until you have built enough confidence for a strong controlled bounce.

Aside from fun, trampolining is an excellent form of exercise. Benefits include;

  • •Helps offset osteoporosis
  • •Relieves menstrual discomfort
  • •Helps recovery from injuries
  • •Can help relieve back and neck pain
  • •Enhances lymphatic circulation
  • •Improves balance and confidence on unsteady ground
  • •Strengthens muscles across the body
  • •Actually improves digestion & absorption
  • •Simple, fun activity can help overcome depression & negativity
  • •Is great for burning calories

The general fitness benefit from trampolining is easily worth it, so why not go out and pick up a trampoline today. There are many retailers on the market including TP, Supertramp and MadDash. All these provide a safe and reliable trampoline for you to work with. I personally recommend the MadDash brand since I own 2 myself. They come in package deals so you can have all the safety equipment you need and are endorsed by major UK retailers such as Woolworths. A new range of MadDash trampolines are due for release in the second quarter of 2007. They will feature a special range of new coloured SE trampoline with the following features.

  • •35mm thick safety padding made of strong UV resistant PVC
  • •An inner netted safety enclosure
  • •Large amount of springs on each size, size per ft diameter of the trampoline
  • •320mm Wide pads
  • •Come in a great range of sizes, 8-14ft to suit your garden
  • •Excellent MadDash quality built to the highest specifications
  • •Easy to understand instruction, fully checked and written in English only with diagrams and check lists.

MadDash also offer a great range with increased safety measures or a basic range if you already own everything you need, visit the MadDash home page or trampolines on Outdoor Toys Direct for a better idea on specifications of every trampoline available. Trampolining is great exercise and fun so look into joining the hottest trend that has hit back gardens for 10 years.

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