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This article has been written to give you a brief overview of the available log cabins and accessories out there as well as advise you what a log cabin can be potentially turned into. We will also discuss a few recommended models and manufactures as well as advice for receiving log cabins and what you may need in advance.

The housing market is in a most disorganised state at the moment,Guest Posting moving to a bigger property is expensive and risky so you may wish to consider other options to increase the space in your home. These include conservatries, house extensions and garden buildings. Log cabins are the more elegant option from the above and provide plenty of space without the extended mess of building work or the complex legal/government problems associated with housing extensions.

Your first task is to decide exactly what you want from your log cabin, is it a place for additional storage and somewhere to relax in? Is it going to be a modern office complete with electricity supply and water? Is it going to be an airy gym to keep your fitness levels high and your house free of cumbersome, noisy fitness equipment? Whatever your ambitions you need to define some parameters first. You need to decide if you need an electric supply, water supply or just the space and level ground to construct it on. A level base is an essential part of constructing a log cabin, make sure that if you are building the cabin yourself you have the best base possible and that it is as level as you can get it, constructing a cabin on unsteady or uneven ground could result in problems later.

General Log Cabin Information

Log Cabins usually arrive on a large lorry in many pieces; they will almost certainly use the tongue and groove method to fit together. You need to make sure that you have street access for such a vehicle and place to store all the materials. If you have a long drive or awkward street make sure you prepare a mode of transport such as a trolley or team of strong, able bodied men to carry the larger pieces. If you are not constructing the log cabin immediately then waterproof storage should be arranged, at the very least a sheet that will fully cover all pieces and prevent rain water getting in to unprotected cracks and seals. Be extremely careful handling all pieces, you don’t want to halt construction waiting for a replacement support and panel. It may seem like a big job but organise and check ALL your pieces before you begin, it will save so much time and stress if you know that you have the right amount of every piece to start with and exactly where they all are.

Always lay electric and water works before buying the cabin and leave the job of bringing them out of the floor in a specific place until you know exactly where you want them. This way you can leave lots of slack and simply lay it once the cabin foundations are down.

Recommended Models/Brands

There are several big names in log cabin manufacture; the ones we recommend are Grange, Finnforest, BillyOh and Weka. Each manufacturer has it’s own plus points but if you browse the products below or visit garden buildings direct (

Finnforest ‘Joki’: The Joki is a classic example of a Finnforest product. It is a very ambiguous design with an almost relaxed feel so that it fits in with almost any setting, pool side, garden or court side, it all looks great beside the Joki. It boasts an impressive 4.10 x 5.60 meter external build size with two double opening windows and a door opening onto a fenced veranda area. The Joki is light and spacious inside and makes use of hardy 34mm cladding to keep you warm and the building strong and secure. It also features Finnforests unique construction help. Parts are numbered and packaged in a specific order so that you can build the cabin out of the box instead of laying out all you pieces first. This is a great help to the less DIY savvy amongst us and has helped many of my friends in the past construct cabins in a much quicker time frame. Finnforest also offer a fantastic under floor heating system that stops you having to buy costly radiators or electric heaters. While the initial cost of this accessory is quite high its cost effectiveness and future saving on energy bills will more than make up for it. As long as you have the money Finnforest are a fantastic choice, they are giants of the field and have lots of experience as well as reliability.

BillyOh ‘Village Hall’ The Village Hall is a large, spacious log cabin alternative to the expensive Finnforest range. It measures 5.5 meters by 4 meters and includes wide, glazed double doors to allow easy access and transport bulky furniture, fitness equipment or desks inside, whatever suits your needs! It also has 4 double side opening windows to add light and ventilation to your log cabin. The interlocking cladding comes in a strong 44mm thickness and you also have the option to upgrade to a mammoth 72mm should you need it as protection from the elements. You also have an optional veranda should your property space allow it making your Village Hall look just as regal as any of its more expensive counterparts. You also have the option of coloured roof shingles (grey, red or green) to fit in with your property and upgrade to double glazed windows, more secure and insulating than many houses! BillyOh are a master of the garden living market, they have a huge range that covers not just log cabins but barbecues, patio heaters, furniture and sheds as well. BillyOh are an excellent choice if you are looking for a reliable product that won’t break the bank.

Grange Luzern; Grange offer the Luzern as their alternative. It is a modestly designed and also has the option of a fenced veranda. It is constructed with 28mm cladding, slightly thinner than the BillyOh and Finnforest options but this can be upgraded depending on exactly what model you choose. It measures 4m x 3m. The Luzern also makes use of the sturdy tongue and groove construction method ensuring your log cabin will be safe secure and reliable. Grange manufacture their cabins out of high quality PEFC certified timber so you can be sure your purchase is coming from a renewable source as well as being top quality. The cabin also features a pre hung door and safety glass as standard with the option of upgrading the amount of windows and doors. Grange is the perfect option if you want a neutral but quality product; it offers a great quality timber, complementary design and enough room for your gym, office of pool hut without dominating your garden.

There are obviously many other models and brands but it would be impossible to cover them all in an article of this sort. Why not visit garden buildings direct or a similar garden buildings retailer and check over the full specifications and pictures to find the right model for you. Potential Uses There are basically an infinite number of potential uses for your log cabin, it all depends on your imagination, funds and needs. Below are some of the more popular ideas and a few bits of advice to get them off the ground.

Garden Gym

Everyone wants to keep fit, not only is it an essential part of your life and health but it makes you look and feel better. Having a log cabin to store and use the equipment is an excellent choice as it will reduce the space the cumbersome equipment takes up in your house and rules out all the awkward transportation of products up and down stairs/attics. A ground floor log cabin also gives you a ventilated and airy place to work out so the rooms in your house don’t end up stuffy and cluttered. You will more than likely need to run an electrical supply to the cabin for this option but you should not need a direct water supply unless you are planning to add a shower. Adding some curtains will also offer you privacy if you’re feeling a little self conscious about putting on your gym kit! Adding a portable TV/DVD player or combo may be a great idea as well, especially if you wish to follow fitness videos and routines or if you want something to occupy yourself while in an exercise routine.

Garden Office

If you work from home or are self employed having a garden office may be the perfect solution to your storage problems. Sacrificing a room to an office is sometimes just not enough, files, records and equipment can soon take up two rooms and waste valuable house space. That’s where one of the spacious log cabins can step in as an attractive garden office. You will definitely need to run an electrical line to your garden office as well as addition cables such as phone or internet. Plan how many electrical points you need and make sure you leave plenty for future expansions such as printers, faxes, scanners and shredders. The office will provide an easily heated and ventilated room to work from and can easily be equipped with a water cooler to provide hydration throughout your day. Add curtains or shutters for more security or lock equipment away in the specially designed cupboards at night to prevent prying eyes noticing it.

Games Room/Spare Bedroom.

If you want something a little more relaxing than a gym or office then this option may be for you. Adding a pool table, pinball table and a TV may be an excellent idea for creating a games retreat for yourself and friends. All it would require is an electrical supply for your appliances and a few select pieces of furniture to brighten the room up. Some posters and art would be a fantastic choice as well as some mood casting lights and maybe even a fold out sofa bed for when the party simply goes on for too long! This is one of the builds you could consider running a toilet from, if you do always check with your local council that such a modification would not require planning permission and consider how you will separate the room if you are purchasing a one room log cabin. It is wise these things be considered before you erect the building.

Hopefully this article has given you an insight into the world of log cabins, there are many things you should consider when buying a cabin, most specifically overall cost and potential for planning permissions.

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