Types of Financial Grants for Single Mothers

Oct 29


Peter West

Peter West

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The challenges facing single mothers can be daunting. When a woman finds herself the primary caregiver for her children, she may sacrifice many things to provide her children with the time, attention and financial support they need. Assistance is available in the form of single mother grants.


Financial grants for single mothers come in the form monetary assistance that you do not have to pay back.  A single mother grant is not a loan.  Institutions such as federal and state governments,Types of Financial Grants for Single Mothers Articles public and private corporations, foundations and individuals fund single mother grants.  Financial grants for single mothers are given for various reasons including:

Business-Women who would like to start up a business and need financial grants for single mothers will be able to access several programs both public and private.

Education-Educational single mother grants are one of the financial grants for single mothers where funding is in more abundant supply.  There are scholarships specifically funded by single mother grants to provide financial assistance to women who are trying to further their education and provide care for their children.  Many private individuals and institutions fund educational financial grants for single mothers.

Housing-To help provide adequate shelter if you do not have it, or to improve existing housing you may have.  If you currently have a residence, but it is substandard due to needed repairs, financial grants for single mothers to make the necessary improvements are available.

Employment Training-If you are unemployed, underemployed or could use assistance in upgrading your current job marketplace skills in order to improve your financial situation; single mother grants are available to help with this.

Health care-Certain health care programs are funded with additional single mother grants in order to assist the single mother with health care needs.

Home Energy-Weatherization, energy efficiency and other programs are available to provide financial grants for single mothers to improve the energy efficiency of their home.  Assistance such as this can help single mothers save money with their home energy expenses.  Heating assistance is included in these programs.

Legal Assistance-Single mother grants for legal assistance are often overlooked and under utilized.  Some attorneys offer discounted (or free) services to single mothers who have low incomes, however most often legal financial grants for single mothers are offered through churches or non-profit public service organizations.

It would be impossible to provide an exhaustive list of the various single mother grants due to constantly changing grants and grant provider agencies.  Grants generally do not have an unlimited supply of funds (in fact is usually a set amount) and the financial grants for single mothers are given until the money runs out.  If single mother grants do not have a continuing benefactor, (person who gives the money) the grant may be discontinued.  Often single mother grants are funded on a yearly basis.  When monies are depleted for the year, the grants are not given again until the next fiscal year.

Single mother grants have a set of criteria for qualification and are very specific about who can apply.  Some examples of determining criteria include income level, need and other conditions that must be met for that particular grant.

Some excellent resources for information regarding financial grants for single mothers include Internet, local libraries and educational institutions.