Ways to plan your kid's playtime

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Playing is the only job kids have in their early years. The job that they enjoy,Guest Posting and which makes them accomplish many things unknowingly. It is the time their minds are shaping up to understand the world around them. Introducing toys that benefit them in their growth is the right way to build their playtime.

But what are the other things you can do? Playtime is more than just leaving them be with their playthings and friends. It is an important activity that drives your child's physical, emotional, social, and intellectual growth. Hence, it is essential to plan it the right way. Read on to find out if you are doing it right or if you could adopt some changes.

Experiment with types of play: As much as kids enjoy playing, they get bored quickly. Hence, you should find ways to keep them engaged and interested if you want to avoid crankiness. You do this by teaching them different forms of child's play. These include pretend-play, exciting children games, outdoor games, object play, etc. Each type of playtime provides unique learning opportunities.

Be a part of it: Have you ever noticed the glow on your child's face when you play with them? It is enough to melt your tiredness instantly. This is the bond and appreciation they share with you. Self-play and playing with playmates are essential. However, they crave your attention and appreciation. It helps them bond with you. Therefore, make it a point to engage in their play and get to know their quirks.

Make it interactive: Children converse a lot during their play. It is the time solely dedicated to their whims and fancies. They talk about a lot of things they observe and learn from you. This is the right opportunity for you to understand their imagination by making their playtime interactive. Keep them engaged through traditional Indian toys, building blocks, etc. These games make way for collaborative play where you can talk and learn about their thoughts.

Set discipline: Playing is the only thing that keeps your kids busy. But it does not always have to be. It may seem early but teaching them the significance of routine and disciplined schedule goes a long way. Setting a dedicated time for play, nap, and other activities lets them know what to expect when. This reduces the tantrum episodes and unwanted chaos when you cannot play with them at a particular time. 

Avoid over-stimulation:  It is natural to want to teach them everything while they play. You may want to include a variety of desi toys, educational games, digital aids, etc. But think about their comprehension capabilities and liking. Learning through playtime is only fun when it does not seem forced. Let your child lead while you observe and guide them

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