What makes a Wedding Band Cause an Allergic Reaction?

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When it comes to men's wedding bands, we nonchalantly think any band will do.  But often times, wedding bands and other rings can cause irritation or even an allergic reaction.  There are many considerations to weigh when selecting a men's wedding band, but the most important and most overlooked is the type of metal. 

Typical wedding rings are made of gold,Guest Posting sterling silver, titanium, platinum and tungsten.  Traditionally, men's wedding bands have been made of gold.  White gold, sterling silver, platinum and newer metals like tungsten and titanium have made their way onto the jewelry scene.  Precious metals often used in men's wedding bands are comprised of metal alloys which are mixtures of various elements including hydrogen, oxygen, copper, niobium, nickel, iron and gold. 

What makes a wedding band cause an allergic reaction?

Men's wedding bands and wedding rings are meant to be worn everyday and need to be designed accordingly.  Rings are exposed to water, sweat, scratches on a daily basis.  To withstand the daily wear and tear, most rings are made of 14k or 18k gold, sterling silver, platinum or titanium.  Pure gold, 24k gold doesn't have any other elements and is very soft.  14k and 18k gold or not pure gold, 14k gold is 58.3% pure and 18k is 75% pure, with the rest comprised of other alloys such as silver, zinc, copper, palladium and nickel.  It's these other alloys that cause the allergic reactions, nickel being the biggest culprit, but also the main element given to gold to make it more corrosion resistant and durable. 

What options are available in Hypoallergenic Jewelry?There are many options in hypoallergenic jewelry.  Platinum and titanium rings are not only beautiful alternatives to gold, but they are more pure.  Titanium rings are the most pure and 100% hypoallergenic. 

• Platinum - Platinum is known for being the rarest and the heaviest of the precious metals. It's also the most expensive.  It's typically 90-95% pure and weighs twice as much as gold.  It also contains other alloys including copper, zinc cobalt and palladium.  It doesn't tarnish like gold and doesn't loose its luster over time, but it can be scratched and patina over time.  There are many positives for platinum, but it's not for everyone.  Price is a barrier to many, and some men don't like the heaviness of platinum, others love it.

• Titanium Rings - Men's titanium wedding bands and wedding rings are becoming more popular.  Titanium is 99+% pure and is inert and therefore completely corrosion resistant. It does not react to salt water, sunlight, or any body chemistry and it is 100% hypoallergenic.  Titanium rings never tarnish like silver or gold and are more durable than any other element.   Titanium is also extremely lightweight, and more affordable than platinum.  Platinum, gold and silver must sacrifice style and function to reduce weight and costs. 

With more and more people are finding they are allergic to certain precious metals, specifically nickel alloys used in many gold engagement rings and everyday jewelry, it only makes sense to start opening our eyes to alternative metals like titanium and platinum.  According to a Mayo Clinic study done last year on contact dermatitis, which causes itching, redness, and blister, the top two causes are nickel and gold.  Titanium provides the stylish rich tones of platinum at a much more attractive price for men's wedidng bands. If you're looking for a ring for yourself, this titanium ring is an excellent choice.   Titanium rings are at the forefront in the designer jewelry community. No other metal has experienced such a dramatic rise in popularity as titanium.  For more information on titanium rings, visit http://www.titanium-jewelry.com/abouttitanium.html.

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