What the Heck Do You Do At A Baby Shower?

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Is there anyone else out there who doesn’t know what to expect at a baby shower? Maybe I’m alone but going to my first baby shower was not as scary as I thought it would.

What do you do at a baby shower? Sure most of us know what a baby shower is,Guest Posting but what we exactly do at one, well, if you’re like me, you really have no clue. We have a vague idea about eating, drinking some wine, and playing some baby shower games, but outside of that, we really have no idea. You just know to bring a gift and show up at the specified time and at the specified place outlined on the invitation but outside of that, well, you have no idea.

I went to my first baby shower last week and I can pretty much say that what I had expected was pretty much what we did. This is not to say that I didn’t have a good time. I’m just saying that if you’re nervous about what to expect at a baby shower don’t be.

A baby shower usually involves more people than the mothers-to-be immediately friends and family. Usually included are the husbands (or boyfriends) female family members, work acquaintances and neighbors. I got the feeling when I got there that the mother felt a bit pressured to invite all these people (heck, once you invite one person from work you have to invite the rest). Typically these people find their friends and a bit of a pack mentality comes through (equate it to grade school when you would sit next to your friends during lunch). This pack mentality usually lasts through the meal, which can vary from taste to taste, though for some reason Chinese food seems to typically make an appearance (no complaints from me).

After the meal, the group usually comes together for a couple of games and to open gifts. Games can vary but there are a few that tend to make an appearance at most baby showers. The first is a game where you try to guess how many squares of toilet paper can fit around the pregnant women’s belly (sometimes a monetary number is attached and you end up giving the mother-to-be a dollar per square of something like that). Another popular game, and I frankly have no idea why, is a game where a candy bar is melted into a diaper and you have to taste and smell to see guess what kind is it (you see because it looks like… well, I’m sure you’ve guessed it by now).

By the time it’s gift opening time the showers is coming to a close. Most people get in a circle and watch the gifts getting opened while finishing their wine. People also have a tendency to begin filing out at this point so don’t be afraid to say good-bye and get on your marry way after your gift is open. Oh, and congratulations, you’ve just survived your first baby shower.

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