How Titanium Jewelry Invaded the Oscars

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Maybe it’s just me but I’ve been noticing titanium rings a lot more recently. This might be why an actor wearing one stood out to me at the Oscars.

Oscar night is one of the biggest nights in Hollywood. For the elite in the movie industry this is not only the night where they award their own for excellence in cinema,Guest Posting but also show off their outfits and jewelry to their world. While females are usually the main attraction at the ceremonies with their cleavage bearing dresses and million dollar (plus) jewelry, men are not completely immune to the fashion bug. At the Oscars men show off their look with exclusive tuxedos and subtle- well, usually at least- jewelry which adorn their hands, necks and, sometimes, ears.

While I tend to not notice men’s jewelry on celebrities, there was, for some reason, one piece that stood out to me. During the presentation of the Best Picture category, they showed a brief glimpse of Jeremy Renner who starred in the eventual Best Picture winner The Hurt Locker. During this glimpse I noticed that Renner was wearing one of those titanium rings which I’ve seen gaining in popularity in recent years. Renner’s ring seemed pretty standard with its simple shape, and subtle design. Frankly, the only reason I probably noticed it was that one of my friend’s husband’s wears one as his wedding band. Renner is not married nor engaged so I’m guessing it’s purely a style thing.

Though you don’t see them that often, I’ve really become a fan of these titanium rings. At first I thought maybe it was a bit too “industrial” for something like a wedding band, but as time has gone on they have really started to grow on me. I’ve actually started looking into them for one of my friends who is getting married. She asked me what I thought she should get for the men’s wedding band and I was (more then) happy to give her my opinion. She looked into it and was really impressed at what she found.

I’m not really sure why I’m so impressed with these rings. Maybe the fact that they are a bit more industrial-looking makes them seem more appealing on a guy. Let’s face it, as a girl we want are guys to be sweet and sensitive, but we also want them to be a bit tough and rugged. Those shelves aren’t going to build themselves, right?

So as I told my friend these titanium wedding rings might be something to look into. If you’re not all about diamonds and gold and stuff, then this might be a worthwhile thing to look into for your husband’s wedding band.

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