Who Else That Hates Verticals Wants privacy And Light Control At Their Sliding Glass Door?

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Hate vertical blinds but wan't privacy and light control at your sliding glass door. Join us as we discuss the options, what works and what doesn't.

Before the vertical blind there were wall to wall,Guest Posting ceiling to floor draperies that closed in a room and almost made it a cave like affect. Everyone was safe in their own little world keeping the rest of the world at bay.

About this time the vertical blind started to be popular. People replaced those dungeon producing drapes with verticals that went inside the window or door frame and instantly the room was transposed into this huge space that people didn't know they had. All of a sudden the room looked so much bigger and they could actually see out the window and still have privacy. The cold war was over, they could see their neighbor and neighborhood.

That's when the trouble began. Vertical blinds became so popular that a number of people started to make vertical and vertical components that didn't know or much less care that they didn't know what they were doing. They just wanted to make some fast money.

Vendors rushed to market with vertical vane material that never should of been used for vertical vanes. They frayed, they hung crooked, they were not able to be cleaned, they faded fast and some of them were just plain terrible.

To make matters worse they were loading every thing into van's and went from town to town selling this junk. In a couple of months time the verticals stoped working and these vendors were in some other city or neighborhood and -of course - couldn't be found.

Because of this people took there anger and vengeance out on the vertical blind. Unfortunately people started saying "I hate vertical blinds" when what they really meant was they hated the cheap bargain vertical they got stuck with.

Today all this has changed. The national companies selling and manufacturing verticals today are great honest companies selling quality verticals and vertical components and backing them up with good reasonable guarantees.

Today if a vertical gives you a problem, the manufacturer will replace or repair no questions asked as long as it's in the guarantee period.

Even after the guarantee has past they will still repair the product or provide parts for a small fee.

There is even a place on the internet where you can get parts for just about every window blind made.

The bottom line is that if you want privacy and light control at your sliding glass door then reconsider the vertical blinds. Nothing will give you the good looks and great service that a vertical will.

Go on, now would be a great time to forgive the vertical blind. Don't hold a grudge, forgive the verticals and check out some great quality verticals.

You see no matter how much you say you hate verticals, they are the only, and I do mean only window treatment that will allow you to have both light control and privacy at a sliding glass door.

Drapes give you privacy but you can't see out. Horizontal blinds are not practical unless you have a 96" high opening and then they are a pain to open and close if you use the door at all.

There is nothing that works like a vertical or vertical shadings to give you that feeling of openness and light control while providing privacy at the same time.

Todays vertical are definitely quality made. The products offered today have been tested by time and countless thousands of children and pets all across the country. They are built tough to take the wear and tear of everyday life.

The bottom line is that if you want privacy and light control at your sliding glass door then check out the quality verticals on the market today.

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