Winter Wedding Dress: 6 Ways To Find The Right One

Nov 1


Lise Rina

Lise Rina

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Want to know how to choose that perfect winter wedding dress for your big day? Curious what options are out there that you might not have thought of? These 6 simple tips can help you choose the perfect winter wedding dress for your wedding.


Are you planning a winter wedding and stumped on what type of dress to get? Think that the designers out there have never really even heard of a winter wedding dress,Winter Wedding Dress: 6 Ways To Find The Right One Articles much less designed one? Well, you do not have to worry about freezing to death at your wedding, here are six tips to help you find that perfect winter wedding dress for your big day:

1. Find a strapless or spaghetti strapped dress and a faux fur coat to wear over it. While it's not a real winter wedding dress, it is simple and elegant and you won't freeze during your wedding or reception. This is a look that many brides have started to go with during winter weddings.

2. Keep in mind how you are planning to wear your hair. Girls that have long hair, wear it down instead and keep it in a style that will cascade over your shoulders. Girls that have short hair, this is not an option, but if you have some time before your wedding, you can always let it grow.

3. Many dress makers will have a white or off-white cape and matching muff that you can easily adapt to wear over your dress when you need to go outside. This is a great way to choose the dress of your dreams and turn it into a winter wedding dress without much effort.

4. Change your way of thinking a bit and choose a different colored dress - such as light blue or burgundy - and then wear a white faux fur stole over it that wraps around your shoulders. This is a beautiful way to add some glamor to your winter wedding dress and still allow you the different style choices that you crave.

5. Remember what season you are getting married in and keep your options open. There are tons of dresses that will allow you to choose different materials for your dress, and some are warmer than others - such as heavy satin, velvet, wool. You can easily choose one of these warmer materials for your winter wedding dress and still choose a beautiful dress that you love.

6. Keep it simple. If you are having trouble choosing a winter wedding dress, maybe you are tryping a little too hard to pick a dress that will make you warm and still look like a summer dress. Relax and keep in mind that you are planning a winter wedding, so make sure that you stick to a winter wedding dress that will provide you what you want, with your personal style, to create the perfect winter wedding dress for you.

While it might seem like an impossible task of getting a winter wedding dress that will work for your wedding and actually keep you a little warm, it's not completely impossible. And, there are more and more options when it comes to dresses that will help you plan out your winter wedding and create your perfect day.