How Long Can I Expect Wedding Dress Preservation To Last?

Jan 12


Pallavi Abhishek Singh

Pallavi Abhishek Singh

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This is one of the questions that many people ask us, but the answer often varies greatly since many companies offer varying lengths when it comes to anti-yellowing guarantees. The biggest variation has to do with whether you have decided to clean the dress yourself or whether you have the gown professionally cleaned, followed by preservation. Companies that specialize in wedding dress preservation often offer a lifetime guarantee up to a 100-year guarantee which outlasts the standard lifetime guarantee.


To give you an accurate answer, How Long Can I Expect Wedding Dress Preservation To Last? Articles we will give you more information on what wedding gown preservation involves and what you can expect years or decades after having your wedding dress preserved. 


What Is Wedding Dress Preservation?


Wedding dress preservation involves a specialized process, using state-of-the-art equipment that deep cleans the dress to remove invisible and visible stains on the dress. The gown is then carefully packaged to make sure contaminants or the elements won't cause the dress to stain or yellow in the years to come. 


The method may sound simple and basic but these specialized techniques necessitate high levels of training, along with an investment in cleaning technology for delicate fabrics is required for these intricate processes. This is often a costly venture for dry cleaners. 


This is one of the reasons why not many dry cleaners attempt to dry-clean and preserve delicate and expensive fabrics such as wedding gowns. In most cases, they prefer to send wedding dresses away to facilities that are experienced in these delicate processes. 


What Can Happen To My Wedding Gown If I Don't Have It Cleaned And Preserved?


If you think back to your big day, your dress was exposed to make-up, deodorant, hair spray, dirt from food, cake, beverages, and dancing the night away on the dance floor. All the activities from your special day often cause harm to the delicate fibers and materials that your dress is made of, resulting in invisible and visible stains. 

You may have forgotten about that tiny stain from your lipstick or mascara that you wiped away using a wet cloth or napkin. But that tiny stain will turn into an ugly brown patch on the gown in a few months or years if you leave the dress untreated. 


To add to visible and invisible stains, the fibers in a wedding dress will also start to turn yellow as the years go by if you do not preserve the gown soon after your big day. The fibers will naturally start to break down and this process is inevitable unless you have the gown professionally treated. 


We frequently see damages in older dresses caused by hanging the dress on a hanger in the closet for years, which causes the fabric to stretch. Other damages include permanent clearing which is often caused by incorrectly folding and storing a wedding gown.


What Does The Standard Wedding Dress Preservation Guarantee Protect Against?


While guarantees you get from the preservation of wedding dress may vary from one company to the next, you  will usually find that the guarantee will protect against these things:



  • Anti-Yellowing Guarantee



This will provide a guarantee that protects your gown from fabric yellowing. Whether you chose a pristine white traditional wedding dress or vibrant and fun colors for your informal garden or beach wedding, the guarantee ensures that the dress remains the same color and vibrant as it was when you first tried it on. 


If you do notice that your dress has started to yellow within your guarantee period, the company that you used to preserve the dress will re-treat the dress for you for free. 



  • Anti-Staining Guarantee



The other part of these standard guarantees protects against invisible staining that might not have dissolved or come out when the dress is first cleaned. If you have noticed an area that is discolored on the preserved dress, the company will provide another treatment to remove the stains without charging you anything.


What May Cause Your Gown Preservation To Not Last As Long As Guaranteed?


There are many factors as to why preserving Wedding dress might not last for as long as you expected. However, many of these reasons have to do with you. 



  • Removing Your Gown From Its Preservation Chest



The main reason why your preserved wedding gown won't last for the guaranteed period is when you remove the dress from its preservation chest or handle the dress without gloves. Contaminants, dirt, and natural oils from your hands can cause harm to your preserved dress once you have taken it out of its preservation chest. 


This is why we give you a pair of white gloves so that you can package the dress carefully but still allows you to examine the dress or hem without having to remove the gown completely from its chest. 



  • Exposure To Direct Sunlight



Have you ever moved your furniture around and suddenly noticed a lighter spot under a piece of furniture? These light spots on carpets or wooden floors are in most cases caused by exposure to UV-light which is damaging to most organic materials. Since most of the materials in a wedding gown are also organic, UV light can also damage and ruin your wedding gown.


We give you a storage box for your wedding gown and a secure display chest designed to keep your dress in pristine condition. However, we still suggest storing the preservation chest away from direct sunlight in a dark cupboard or closet. 



  • Extreme Temperatures



Storing your wedding gown in an attic is a big no-no. Extreme swings in temperature can place great stress on delicate fabrics usually found in a wedding dress. featured an article that stated that unvented attics can often reach temps upwards of 150°F, which is much too hot for storing delicate fabrics. Think of this as a general rule, if the temperature in a room feels comfortable to you, then your dress will also feel comfortable when storing it there.



  • High Relative Humidity



Another reason that may void your guarantee is when you store the dress in a room where this space is exposed to high relative humidity. A musty garage or basement are not rooms where you should be storing a preserved wedding dress. High humidity which is common in these areas of a home can create a "greenhouse" effect inside the preservation chest, which could result in mildew or mold growing.

These are the basic information that you need to know about the lifespan of wedding dress preservation. If you still have a question on how to properly preserve wedding dresses, reach out to your preservation company to clarify questions and concerns.