5 Questions that Britons Will Have in Their Mind until 29 March 2019

Jun 20


Katherine Felix

Katherine Felix

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This article includes a crucial discussion around the Brexit and the questions around its future. Read thoroughly and get familiar with some of the most common questions on this big change.


Forget what happened in the past,5 Questions that Britons Will Have in Their Mind until 29 March 2019 Articles now the concern is on the future. It is what most of the Britons are thinking now.

23 June, 2016. It was Thursday when the UK citizens had opted for the exit from the European Union (EU) with the vote percentage around 51.9% to 48.1%. It was the huge decision that could decide the fate of the Great Britain. The Britain’s exit, or it is commonly known as the ‘BREXIT’, has changed the entire scenario and now people are more concerned about the future rather than on whether Brexit will happen or not.

Since that date of the year 2016, there has been a massive change in the Britain. It had caused the change in the government when David Cameron lost his post of the Prime Minister to Theresa May on the day when he lost the referendum. Initially, Theresa opposed the Brexit, but later turned her thoughts and said it is necessary for the Britain’s future.

There has been a huge impact of the Brexit in the overall UK economy. The early estimate around the timing of the big decision said that there would be a downfall in the economy, but thankfully, it did not happen. In fact, UK’s economy had seen 1.8% growth that put them beneath Germany (1.9%). However, there is another side too that the Britons have faced are financial uncertainties in their life. It also becomes the reason of the growing demand of the instant payday loans direct lenders.

All this happened in the past, but now majority of the British citizens have QUESTIONS in their mind regarding the future after Brexit.

#1: Will EU Laws Remain the Same in the UK after March 2019?

It is difficult to answer because the Conservative Government has put the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill at Parliament. The activity on the Bill is still pending, but if it is passed, then all EU laws will end in the UK. However, once it is done, the government will decide which sections to stay, amend or to eliminate.

#2: How Much Time Brexit will take to Implement?

The officials from both the sides are not in a hurry. All EU laws will continue until 29 March 2019, but it does not mean that everything will change rapidly from the next day. The representatives have agreed on the 21-month transition period to enable the implementation to do comfortably. The decision has taken so that it will not negative impact on the businesses and the tour makers.

#3: What will happen to the citizens of both the sides?

Certain recommendations have been taken by the government of Theresa May regarding the rights of the UK citizens. Although, all these recommendations are on the soft side so that any change cannot affect badly to the life of the common people. In addition, all will be done according to the proposed Brexit deal.

#4: How Citizens of the European Union Can Apply for their New Citizenship?

The UK government has been working on it, but there has been a chance that the process will be done online. The duration will be in minutes and the fee may be around the same as getting the passport, which is £72.

#5: Will UK Loan Industry Get Affected?

Well, there is a less chance of this because the marketplace of the UK is huge. One might say that the lending companies offering long term loans will have the impact because they need funds to make the fund arrangements for the borrowers. On the other side, the small loan companies are in benefits and they can promise guaranteed payday loan, as they just need to present only small funds.

In the end, a lot has been changed and a lot will be changed after the prescribed date of Britain’s exit from the European Union. Questions do come, but the important thing is how the UK Government and the EU respond to them.