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Submitting the 2008 tax return form late indicates an accounting & finance problem and attracts late filing fines. HM revenue and customs online self assessment tax calculator is available for tax and income returns

Late filing of the tax return is an important issue as not only can it attract a late filing fine but also brings the accounting and finance quality into attention.

Accounting & Finance for your 2008 Tax Return - Do not Be Late

With nearly a fifth of smaller businesses this year being expected to hand in their 2008 tax return in late,Guest Posting new research shows just how deeply concerning it is that small businesses including sole traders and self employed businesses are not on top of their accounting & finance and are not getting their tax and income records organised on time. HM revenue and customs supply the choice to complete the Inland Revenue tax return forms or online self assessment which includes use of a tax calculator, so accounting & finance should be completed in good time and before the online tax filing deadline.

With the 2008 tax return deadline being 31 January 2009, online self assessment in the late stages is the best way to complete and submit your business' tax and income records. A self employed business has an option of using a tax calculator when completing the paper based revenue tax forms.

The online self assessment actually uses financial software being a tax calculator to calculate your tax liability meaning the final figures are worked out by the HM revenue and customs tax accounting software system on your behalf leaving not much else for you to do. It is a far easier means of recording accounting & finance transactions, compared to using your own tax calculations which leaves far too much room for costly errors.

HM Revenue and Customs Fines For Late Tax Returns

The HM Revenue and Customs issues fines for late tax returns which are issued in increments of £100 the minute the deadline has passed. Failing even to hand in a 2008 tax return within 6 months of the tax deadline means you will attract yet another £100 so making sure you plan and organise your tax return well, along with completing accounting & finance details and submitting revenue tax forms (or filling out online self assessment at the HMRC website before deadline) will save you the worry that comes from being chased to pay fines that can otherwise (and very easily) be avoided.

With direct experience of people at the brunt of such HM Revenue and Customs fines, it really makes a lot of sense to be prepared and take care with your 2008 tax return. Sole traders, inexperienced with accounting and finance matters may not like the paper based revenue tax forms with many small business owners mentioning how complicated the tax return forms are.

The online self assessment facility is always recommended being easily accessible providing you have registered and already have passwords. Obtaining the HM revenue and customs gateway password takes 7 to 10 days as it is sent by post after the sole trader has registered to file the tax return online

It is also free to use but if you do prefer the paper tax returns then login to use the tax calculator - and if you don't already have your government gateway passwords and access then now is the time to register to allow yourself the time to prepare your tax and income details.

Preparing tax and income is not exciting nor is it invigorating, however being prepared in advance means that 2008 tax returns can be filed and put away before the January deadline. The alternative to completing your own revenue tax forms is hiring a good accountant or using an accounting software package that will automatically complete the tax return form

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