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The idea of affordable non-standard auto insurance does not make sense to a lot of people. Non-standard insurance exists because of some drivers cannot get approval from the standard market which offers more reasonable premium rate. They have to pay more because they are high-risk for various reasons for examples DUI, involvement in accidents, teen drivers, first-time insurance customer, cancellation by the previous insurer, and elderly drivers.

Non-standard market insurance providers allow for easy approval,Guest Posting but the price for premium is more expensive. High-risk drivers have the tendency to commit the same traffic violations in the future, and this makes most insurers reluctant to provide their services. What does the company do to compensate the possibility of a high number of claims and the considerable amount of payout? Some companies charge for higher premiums. Good2go Insurance is at the forefront in the attempt to erase the notion that non-standard market is expensive. The company offers a good number of discounts to help policyholders save money on their policies.


This category consists of 5 different types of discounts. Eligible policyholders can save good amount of money on premium if they meet these requirements:

·Defensive Driving: policyholders who take a defensive driving course are eligible for up to 15% discount on some types of coverage. This course helps them not only to minimize cost but also to revoke their high-risk status.

·Driver's Education: policyholders who have young drivers in their family can be eligible for up to 10% discount. The requirement is also easy; they need to enroll these young drivers in driver's education course.

·Good Student: good grades come with a good deal. Good2go Insurance offers a discount of up 10% for students who meet the grade requirements. This discount applies until the recipient reaches the age of 25 even when the policyholder has graduated from college.

·Homeownership: Good2go Insurance offers 8% discount for subscribers who have full ownership of their house, condominium, or mobile home in their own land. Proof of ownership can be in forms of tax records, homeowners insurance, and mortgage coupon.

·Non-owner: for those who often rent cars or borrow someone else's vehicles, Good2go Insurance allows for up to 25% discount. Some states require drivers to have insurance even if they do not own cars, so the company compensates for that, too.


Good2go Insurance honors policyholders' intentions to build a good relationship with the company. It all shows in the Policy Discount options. There are four types of discounts in this category to help drivers save up to 40% on premium.

·Multi-Car: a policy that insures two or more vehicles deserves 32% discount on premium. Those cars are properties of the same household.

·Paid in Full: Good2go Insurance offers 31% discount for policyholders who pay full up front. Other payment options are available.

·Prior Insurance: continuous coverage with a former insurance company for at least six months qualifies for up to 40% discount on coverage.

·Renewal: claim-free policy renewal with Good2go insurance deserves 15% discount on premium.


The last category is Vehicle Discount. Policyholders who prioritize safety and show their intention with safety devices on their vehicles are eligible. There are three discount types in this category.

·Cell Phone Safety: cell phone usage on the road increased the risk of the road accident. Good2go insurance suggests drivers to install a block-device that prevents the use of cell phone in the car. Eligible policyholders receive 5% discount on premium.

·Airbag and Passive Restraint: a car with full front seat airbags and passive restraint system qualifies for 5% discount.

·Anti-Theft System and VIN: security features such as anti-theft and VIN bring another 5% saving on comprehensive coverage.

Minimum Coverage

Good to go insurance focuses on minimum coverage, similar to other non-standard market insurers. With minimum coverage, the policies consist of only several types of coverage to comply with state's regulation, for examples liability coverage and personal injury protection. Liability comes in two different types:

·Bodily Injury: this is the coverage that gives financial protection in case policyholder is at fault in an accident and causes someone else to sustain injury. The payout is available to cover the medical cost.

·Property Damage: in an accident in which the policyholder is at a fault and causes damages to someone else's cars or properties, Property Damage Liability helps cover the repair or replacement cost.

Insurance regulation can be different from state to state. However, Good to go insurance ensures that all policies comply with the state regulation regardless of where the policyholders live. In some cases, it is also necessary to purchase Collision and Comprehensive coverage. They are optional but often mandatory by the company that leases or finances policyholders' vehicles.

·Collision: the coverage that protects policyholder's car after any damages from road accidents. Collision coverage helps with the cost of repair or replacement parts.

·Comprehensive: for non-accident causes, the car can sustain damages as well for examples from theft or vandalism. In this case, Comprehensive coverage comes in to cover the cost of repair.

The total amount of discount from all the categories can reduce the price for the premium to a good extent. Good to go insurance remains a company in the non-standard market, but its discounts make the coverage affordable for all. For drivers who are not eligible for any discount due to any reason can request friendlier payment options. Apart from the pay-in-full option which comes with 31% discount, policyholders can choose to pay monthly or quarterly.

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