Are you Okay Being in the Debt Trap? You won’t After Using SIP Calculator

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Read the article to know how SIP calculator can save you from paying exponential interest of loans and debts. 

In recent years,Guest Posting the trend of taking loans for fulfiling the expensive desires has reached an alarming level. Indians are quite comfortable taking the route of debt for achieving any of their financial objectives without giving a second thought. Talking about numbers, the retail lending for household debt rose to Rs 6.78 lakh crore for 2017-18 from Rs 3.75 lakh crore for 2016-2017. The numbers are increasing at lightning pace as Indians are developing a habit for taking loans for every desire. It is not only slowing down the economic growth of the nation but this poisonous habit is eating out a lot from individuals who are involving in debt. The major concern is that people taking loans for distinct goals are not even aware of the opportunities that can save them from toxic debts. The SIP calculator can help you know what harm you are doing to yourself by taking loans.

India is Becoming Nation of EMI
Taking the route of Equated Monthly Installment (EMI) has become a primary means to buy cars, houses, smart-phones, and various other desired objects. It has also been witnessed that to save oneself from financial imbalances, people tend to choose the path of EMI even when they do not need to. On an average, Indians are borrowing much more than what their monthly income would allow. As per the data released by Reserve Bank of India for FY2018, per capita GDP of India rose by 8.5% while the per capita loan amount increased by 17.9%. This shows that the growth rate of the income won’t be able to support the growth rate of debts in the future and the borrower will have to pay much more than what he is borrowing after considering the growth in his income.

Loans and Debts are Eating out the Economy
Debts to a nation’s economy are just like pests and termites to a farm. Lower debts aids to consumption-driven economic growth and a higher debt can lead to higher interest rates and a slowdown in economic growth. This can further lead to a decline in production and can increase unemployment. You may have never given it a thought while taking the loan but with every loan taken, you might be slowing down the economic growth of the nation given that the growth in GDP is not at par the growth in per capita loan amount.

Loans are Ugly if You Take a Closer Look
Indians have a tendency to not give much attention to any concern until it is harming themselves. So, let’s talk about how you are hurting yourself by taking loans and EMI for your desire and ambitions. The average interest rate of loans for a car, home, education etc ranges between 8% to 12%. For easier calculations, we can take 10% as an average. Now suppose you are taking a loan of Rs 20 lac at 10% rate which needs to be paid back in 10 years. You will have to pay nearly Rs 26,400 every month for 120 months by which you are actually paying more than Rs 31 lakh for a loan of Rs 20 lakh. It is way more even if we consider monthly income growth. If you are okay with paying Rs 31 lakh for Rs 20 lakh, then you need to look at the alternatives which the smart citizens are using.

What Can be the Alternative?
The best alternative path to achieve any financial goal can be easily perceived by using the SIP calculator. Mutual funds are currently the most optimum method to create long term wealth and by using the mutual fund return calculator you might get to know what you are missing out and what can you save. To build Rs 20 lakh in 10 years, at an average rate of 12%, you only have to pay Rs 8600 every month for 10 years. Which means you are only paying Rs 10.3 lakh to own Rs 20 lakh. The target can be achieved much earlier if a higher-yielding mutual fund is chosen. Mutual funds can provide returns of 8-20% depending on the type of instruments and market conditions.

“Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it ... he who doesn't ... pays it.” - Albert Einstein

There are various means of building wealth in advance for which SIP calculator can be a very useful tool. Besides, you can decide for yourself whether you want to pay exponential interest rates by choosing the path of loans and debts (which can also be troublesome for your family in case you are unable to repay) or you want to get the same benefits by paying a much lesser amount by choosing the path of SIP in mutual funds.

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