Which country is best for MBBS? – Russia or Kazakhstan

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This is full informative article about mbbs in russsia and kazakshtan if your are looking pursuing mbbs in russia or kazakhsan you must read this article 

Know about your Study destination! Russia

Russia is the largest country in the world from the aspect of land (17.13 million Km sq.) with the population of 14.41crore,Guest Posting situated in Asia and Eastern part of Europe. It has 14 neighbor countries which are Lithuania, China, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Estonia, Finland, Georgia, Kazakhstan, North Korea, Norway, Poland, Ukraine, Latvia and Mongolia. The Literacy rate of the country was 99.73% in 2018. The total languages of Russia are 35 from which Russian is the official language.   



Kazakhstan is the 9th largest county in the world (2.72 million Km sq.) with the Kazakhstan shares the boundaries with mostly same countries like China, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and obviously Russia. It has also two seas in the neighbor which are Aral Sea and the Caspian Sea. The literacy rate of the country was 99.8% in 2018, which is little larger than the Russia. The official language of Kazakhstan is Kazakh but both Russian and Kazakh is spoken in equal ground.

MBBS Course for Indian students Russia

Russia, the most common study destination of Indian Students, currently has 270,000 international students from which 18,000 students are in government quotas. 14,000 of them are from India and mostly of them are enrolled in Medical Universities; these numbers are growing day by day. MBBS in Russia is the best option for the students who want to study MBBS in abroad, as it offers the most affordable medical studies.

What does a student deserve? Quality education at affordable price! And that’s what the Russia provides. The reason behind the circumstances is that the most of the top medical universities of Russia are owned by the Russian Federal Government, which does not only enable the subsidized fee but also the quality of education. They have world class accommodation, experienced and trained staff which guides and helps the students to achieve their goal.



Kazakhstan is becoming the hot spot of international medical students. According to the survey conducted by the Kazakhstan Government, India has been ranked amongst the 50 countries sending the large number of medical students to Kazakhstan. The main reason behind the popularity of MBBS in Kazakhstan is not only high quality education and low cost tuition fee but also the duration of course is similar to India which is 5 years. Unlike other international countries, offering MBBS course to foreign students, in Kazakhstan students can get the medical degree only in 5 years. The living cost there is also not as expensive as any other European countries. If you are concerned about the safety, than you don’t need to because it is a developed country and they have 24X7 security armed with advanced equipments.

 Top Medical Universities and their average total Packages

The following universities have been chosen by keeping these points on mind:

  • World Health Organization(WHO) approved
  • National Medical Council of India (NMC) approved
  • Have Indian Mess Facilities
  • “A” grade universities
  • Provide education in English Medium

As we have done the research, we have selected the universities which are suitable for Indian Students. 

Special Note: The following packages may differ from student to student as the total package includes the Tuition fee, Accommodation charges, utilities and medical license, which may vary according to the lifestyle of student.

Russian Medical Universities
  1. Altai state Medical University =    20 to 21 Lakh
  2. Bashkir State Medical University =     22 to 25 Lakh
  3. Crimea State Medical University =    20 to 22 lakh
  4. Ural State Medical University =     20 to 21 Lakh
  5. Ulyanovsk Medical University =    20 to 22 Lakh
  6. Omsk State Medical University =     20 to 22 Lakh
  7. Al Farabi Kazakh Medical University =    21 to 22 Lakh
  8. Kazakh National Medical University =    20 to 21 Lakh
  9. Astana Medical University =   18 to 20 Lakh
Kazakhstan’s Medical Universities


Key features Russian Medical Universities
  • 30 Universities from 157 are at the list of top 100 medical Universities of Russia.
  • Most of the Russian Medical Universities are owned by the Russian Federal Government, that’s why the universities their offer the subsidized tuition fee.
  • They Charged no donation fee
  • They charged no admission fee
  • University conduct no entrance exam for the admission
  • Admission procedure is so smooth in the universities
  • Most of the Universities provide education in English medium
  • Certified by WHO
  • Approved by Medical Council of various countries and National Medical Council of India (NMC)
  • World class faculty
  • More focuses on practical knowledge than theoretical knowledge
  • High standard accommodation facilities
  • It has world class hospitals, where students can apply for internship and can give a valuable twist to their medical career.
  • They have some top medical universities which are approved by WHO and NMC
  • They provide education at English medium in first four academic years and then in last year local, language is taught so that students are capable of understanding the problem of patients more easily.
  • No entrance exams are conducted
  • No donation fee
  • No admission fee
  • They charges only genuine tuition fee
  • Experienced and trained staff
  • Laboratories equipped with advanced technologies
  • 5 years course of MBBS
  Kazakhstan’s Medical Universities


Final Comparison











Duration of course



6 years


5 Years


Average fee



20 lakh to 25 Lakh


18 Lakh to 23 lakh
















Indian Mess Facilities








English as a Medium of teaching



In some Universities


Yes, in Universities, but only for first four years


Donation Fee



No required


No required



Entrance Exam



No required


No required


NEET Qualification







Minimum Age limit



17 years


17 Years


Maximum Age Limit



25 years


Not any


The decision for choosing countries which is best for Indian students, between Russia and Kazakhstan is hard as both of them have mostly similar qualities and characteristics. When it comes to techniques, both of them are developed countries and both have advanced techniques. It totally depends on the students to choose the best for them. We would suggest them to discuss with their parents and guardian without coming into a final decision.

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