Best Banks for Personal Loan In India

May 31


Banknomics India

Banknomics India

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Different Bank offers the personal loan with customized benefits and flexible repayment options. Read this article to know the best banks for Personal Loan in India.


Personal loans are unsecured loans offered by banks or personal lenders to fulfill your personal needs. This kind of Loans can help you in emergency or in to accomplish your basic requirements. Anyone can get this Loan for his/her sister or daughters marriage,Best Banks for Personal Loan In India Articles for medical emergency or in Home renovation. Because it’s a kind of unsecured loan hence no guarantor and no heavy documentation is required as well. The borrower is free to use the loan amount to fulfill their dreams.

Personal loan provides financial support to you at the time of immediate financial crunches. The approval process of personal loan is quite fast and easy, most of banks offer online instant approval process for quick response. After approval the approved loan amount is transferred to the borrower’s bank account instantly.

It’s important to understand few things before applying for a personal loan like your CIBIL score, terms and conditions of banks and your present financial obligations. It’s quite confusing task to find out the best personal loan as per your requirement. So many things are their which can confuse you easily. Most of loan searchers look for the lowest interest rates but on other side they forget to think about some major factors like pre-payment charges, loan tenure, fixed, semi fixed or floating interest rates, processing charges and the total repayment amount paid trough EMIs. Banknomics suggest everyone to keep their CIBIL score good because the banks and lenders basically ignore the applicant with low CIBIL score. Banks consider a low CIBIL or Credit score as a higher risk borrower.

With the help of this article Banknomics tries to introduce everyone with the leading banks for personal loans in India. Here’s the compared analysis of most popular banks in India on the basis of interest rates, Processing fees, Loan tenure and approvable amount. The following information is suggestive and should be updated by banks but it will help you to find out the best personal loan as per your requirement.

ICICI Bank: The range of interest rate for ICICI Personal Loan is from 11.29% to 22% which is lowest among other banks in India. They divide the personal loan in three different categories such as holiday loans, home renovation loans and wedding loans. This type of categorization helps customers to understand the key features of loan with respect to loan tenure, repayment amount, Interest rates and loan amount. ICICI Bank also offers different eligibility criteria for both salaried and self employed applicants who applied for personal loans.

Punjab National Bank(PNB):   PNB is another best option for personal loan and it’s listed as the second largest banking institution in India. The range of PNB Personal Loan Interest rate  starts from 11.55% to 14.55%. PNB offers lowest interest rates personal loans in India as compared to other banks. The eligibility criteria for PNB personal loan is same for both salaried and self employed. PNB offers a special personal loan scheme for pensioners with much lower interest charges. In term of loan repayment capacity, PNB also considers the husband and wife’s income as well. It helps borrower to apply a larger amount and it may sanctioned because of spousal income.

Axis Bank:  The range of Axis Bank Personal Loan interest rates is 15.50% to 24%. The interest rate may vary in different cases as it’s calculated on the basis of CIBIL score, Repayment capacity of borrower and the Loan amount. People with good CIBIL score and low existing financial liabilities are best feet to apply for personal loan. Both salaried and self employed people can apply for this loan. Borrower with Axis bank can transfer their other high interest rate personal loan from other lender to axis bank for more benefits.

HDFC Bank: This is one of the leading private sector bank and the range of HDFC personal loan interest rates is 15.75% to 20%. HDFC provides some special offers for their account holders on interest rates. With HDFC bank you can get fast approval and instant disbursement of your applied amount in your bank account. Anyone salaried or self-employed both can apply for personal loan from HDFC bank.

State Bank of India (SBI): SBI is most popular and a multinational public sector banking company in India. SBI offers a decent interest rate for the personal loan in India. The range of SBI personal loan is from 12.50% to 16.60%. Most salaried or self employed people with good credit score can apply for SBI personal loan.

Table1. Comparison of personal loan options provided by 5 leading Banks in India*


Interest Rate

Processing Fee
(On Loan Amount)

Loan Amount



11.59% – 22%

Up to 2.25%

Min. Rs. 50,000 &
Max. Rs. 15 lakh

1-5 Years


12.25% onwards


Min. Rs. 50,000 
Max. Rs. 4 lakhs or
20 times monthly salary

1-5 Years

Axis Bank

15% – 24%

1.50% – 2%

Min. Rs. 50,000 &
Max. Rs. 15 lakh

1-5 Years


11.49% onwards

Up to 2.50%

Up to Rs. 15 lakhs

1-5 Years


12.45% – 14.95%


Min. Rs. 24,000 & Max. 24 times net monthly income

1-4 Years

*The facts and figures provided above are indicative and subject to periodic change.

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