EB5 Visa Program Helps Foreign Investors Settle in US

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Thanks to the Immigrant Investor Program, potential investors are able to use the EB5 Visa program as a way to obtain a United States green card Visa. The EB5, or 5th preference employment based, Visa was introduced as part of the Immigration Act of 1990. This article discusses this visa and how it has helped immigrants work through visa issues to date.

The EB5,Guest Posting or 5th preference employment based, Visa was introduced as part of the Immigration Act of 1990. The Immigrant Investor Program was originally put in place to help generate revenue for the United States economy and to increase the number of jobs available for American citizens seeking employment. The EB5 Visa program is not an easy way to obtain a Green Card Visa. It requires a substantial investment in a new or existing company or a government certified Regional Center. The minimum investment is one million dollars, although this can be reduced to half a million if the investment is to be made in a targeted unemployment area (TEA). In order to take part in the Immigrant Investor Visa program, foreign investors must have to hand the minimum amount of available investment capital. The EB5 Visa program requires a substantial investment in the United States Economy. The success rate for applicants is generally very high, but it still presents a legitimate financial risk in much the same way as any investment would. Those interested in applying for the EB5 Visa program have the opportunity to make their investment in a government certified Regional Center rather than directly investing in a company. The Regional Center will assist the applicant in satisfying the job creation requirements of the EB5 Visa and can also manage the investment. It can be useful to have this extra help in seeing the application through to completion and foreign investors considering the Eb5 Visa Program as a route to obtaining a green card Visa are encouraged to contact a Regional Centre as they will have a proven track record in assisting applicants with the immigrant investor program. Large numbers of EB5 applicants also choose to take advantage of the immigrant investor program in order to bring their families to the United States. This will allow their families access to education and employment opportunities in the United States. Successful EB5 Visa program applicants can, on completion of the immigrant investor program, bring their immediate family to the United States with them. Immediate family is classed as a spouse and any unmarried children who are under the age of 21 years old. The guidelines of the EB5 Visa program allow an investor’s immediate family to be admitted to the United States on a two year conditional period. Once the two year period is completed in full compliance of the guidelines set out by the immigrant investor program the investor and their immediate family can be given unconditional status and be granted a green card Visa. A green card holder is a lawful permanent resident of the United States and is eligible to seek employment or attend school in the country. The EB5 Visa program is attracting more and more interest from foreign investors and overall awareness of the program is growing. Potential immigrant investors are beginning to understand that the immigrant investor program is a genuinely viable rout to obtaining a green card Visa for themselves and their families.

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