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Charleston,Guest Posting South Carolina is one of the oldest port cities in the United States.  The Charleston Harbor has a rich history involving wars and pirates, and this history brings millions of visitors each year to the area.  Charleston is also known for preserving its history through its homes and buildings, and you’ll find a range of historic homes to buy.  Some of these are listed on national and state historic registers and have the official paperwork proving the home’s historical relevance.  These homes are, of course, the most expensive.  But, you’ll also find a good selection of older homes in historic neighborhoods without all of the documents.  Home buyers often choose these homes not only because they’re more affordable, but also because there are fewer rules regarding the home’s upkeep and appearance.

Downtown Charleston is the most popular area for buying historic real estate.  After all, it has the highest concentration of homes built before 1900 in the area.  In fact, you’ll find homes dating back to the early 1700s.  This area also has the widest range of historic homes in that buyers looking simply for an older home can find one built in the 1950s, for example.  But, those buyers looking to purchase a piece of Charleston’s history with all of the official paperwork can also find what they’re looking for downtown.  Some of the oldest homes in downtown are in neighborhoods like South of Broad (which includes the Battery and Rainbow Row) and the French Quarter.  Harleston Village is also highly sought after, and it’s located further up the peninsula, near the Medical University of South Carolina. 

Other historic communities in downtown include Ansonborough, Cannonborough, Elliottborough, Radcliffborough, Wagner Terrace, Hampton Park Terrace (located beside the Citadel), and Mazyck-Wraggsborough.  Historic homes in these neighborhoods will generally be less expensive because they don’t carry the big names as, say, South of Broad.  But, they still have a lot of older and historic homes to choose from.

Outside of downtown Charleston, you’ll find the most historic homes on Sullivan’s Island and the neighborhood Old Village.  A lot of the homes on Sullivan’s Island were built from the late 1800s to the early 1900s.  During this time, wealthy Charlestonians spent their summers here to be near the breezes of the beach.  These homes have larger lots compared to downtown Charleston, but they’re also generally more expensive for what you get.

Old Village is a historic neighborhood in Mt. Pleasant that overlooks the Charleston Harbor.  It is just southeast of Patriots Point.  It has a close proximity to downtown Charleston (about a five minute drive) and to the beach (about ten minutes).  The oldest and most expensive homes are, of course, the ones that overlook the harbor.  But, you can also find nice historic homes further back in the neighborhood and still be in a prestigious community.

Besides these areas, you’ll find historic homes scattered throughout the Charleston area, from West Ashley to Rockville.  However, the highest concentration of homes (and the most sought after homes) are located in downtown, Sullivan’s Island, and the Old Village.  So, these would be the best places to start your historic home search in Charleston.  

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