How Investing in Mutual Funds via App Helps You Earn 1% More?

Jun 28


Umar SEO

Umar SEO

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Discover how investing in mutual funds through apps can increase your earnings by 1% or more. Online platforms offer lower expenses, real-time data, educational resources, and personalized assistance, empowering investors to make informed decisions and maximize returns. By leveraging these benefits, investors can reduce costs, optimize portfolios, and achieve their financial goals more efficiently. Learn how mutual fund apps can help you earn more and transform your investment strategy


Technological advanced solutions such as online investing and trading platforms have revolutionized mutual fund investment. These applications empower investors,How Investing in Mutual Funds via App Helps You Earn 1% More? Articles allowing them to directly invest in mutual funds from the comfort of their homes. This eliminates the need for a traditional stock broker, a process that not only delays the investment but also adds to the cost.

Investing in mutual funds through these apps is not just convenient but also more profitable. Dive in as we tell you how to earn 1% more for mutual fund investments.

Here’s How Investing in Funds can Help You Earn More

Now, let's take a closer look at the benefits of using mutual fund apps, each of which plays a role in helping you earn an extra 1%.

Lower Expenses and Fees

The fees and expenses when you invest in MF through an application are lower than when investing in the traditional method. There are no commissions or advisory fees charged when investing through the platform. The apps have lower operational costs and thus lower expenses. Since the cost of investing is ultimately subtracted from the investors' earnings, the lower costs also help them earn more profits. Therefore, the lower costs help you earn a little more returns than the traditional method.

Real-Time Data and Insights

The mutual fund's apps provide real-time insights and notifications to all its investors. Knowing the latest updates at their fingertips helps investors capitalize on opportunities and monitor their performance portfolio to enhance their overall returns. This helps you adopt a more proactive approach to investing in mutual funds and respond quickly to market changes to get the best returns. Therefore, with enhanced analytics and better returns, you can use the apps to earn more.

Educational Resources and Tools

The mutual fund apps provide you with educational resources for investing in mutual funds to assist you in making more informed decisions. Additionally, they are equipped with several tools, such as investment calculators, tutorials, and webinars to help investors. With enhanced knowledge and resources, you can manage your investments better and make sound investment choices to help you earn the extra 1%.

Personalized Assistance 

Another unique feature of mutual fund apps is that they provide individuals with personalized assistance and innovative strategies. While the traditional investment options only provide a one-size-fits-all solution and a generic approach, the investors can customize their portfolios based on their preferences and circumstances.

For example, you can create a portfolio based on whether you are looking for a long-term or short-term investment based on your needs. This helps build a tailored portfolio and accomplish the investment goals faster and more easily, leading to 1% additional income.


The different benefits derived from investing in mutual funds through applications add up to an additional 1% income or even more, depending on your individual case. Small managerial cost savings and better risk management help you earn more through these apps. Additionally, behavioral insights provided by these applications alert investors to the best practices for keeping their investments safe.

Online applications such as Dhan, one of the best investing and trading platforms in India, provide you with the necessary resources, tailored strategies, and automated solutions to make the most of your investments hassle-free and earn more easily.