How To Find A Subsidized Health Insurance Product In New York

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Health Insurance plans in New York are very essential products since they help cover medical expenses that have become unaffordable to common people today.

Most employed people have the advantage of their employer sponsored group plans that have subsidized premiums. Over and above,Guest Posting getting enrolled under such group coverage is very easy and do not have many exclusions based on health conditions. Self-employed and those with a need to find independent health insurance plans are having myriad options of health care coverage in the State of New York. However, these plans are expensive and subscribers need to make a thorough research before choosing a plan that meets their specific health care requirements and budget. While it is neither advisable nor wise to stay without health insurance coverage these days, some helpful steps taken by the state government has eased the burden of those who find health insurance plans expensive. 
To benefit those who cannot afford to buy these expensive health insurance plans from the open private market, the State Government of New York offers some highly subsidized health care programs. The two most popular health insurance plans offered by the New York State at subsidized rates are Healthy New York and Family Health Plus. Those looking forward to buy any one of these plans need to know a few pieces of basic information to be able to make a wise choice. 
Healthy NY is a New York health insurance program exclusively designed for the health care needs of the state’s low income residents who remain uninsured. This program targets working individuals who do not have access to an employer sponsored health insurance plan. Also, self-employed individuals can take advantage of this program. Small business owners can also make use of this program to offer coverage to their employees besides covering their family members as dependents. However, there is an income limit that is placed as an eligibility condition to qualify for this program. In this way, Healthy NY enables residents enjoy access to affordable and all-inclusive health insurance plans. Healthy NY is offered by a number of major NY health plans including Aetna, Easy Choice, EmblemHealth, Empire, Excellus, GHI, MVP and Oxford. At present, there are four kinds of health insurance plans offered through Health NY including HMO (health maintenance organization) plans offered with drug prescription coverage, HMO plans provided without drug prescription coverage, HDHP (high deductible health plans) with drug prescription coverage and HDHP plans offered without drug prescription coverage. 
Family Health Plus is the other New York health insurance program that mainly targets to benefit the New York adult residents with their ages between 19 and 64. Those enrolled under this program can have access to a range of benefits including preventive care, diagnostic procedures, primary care, hospitalization and drug coverage. Family Health Plus coverage is offered in New York through a number of health insurance carriers.
The similarities between these two programs are as follows. Applicants to both these programs should be the residents of New York State. There is an upper income limit to become eligible for this program. Subscribers need to renew these policies annually. Both these programs offer affordable health insurance coverage. The differences between these two programs include the following. While Healthy New York Plans enable enrolling children, Family Health Plus does not offer coverage to children. Children can however get coverage through Child Health Plus. The income limit placed over Healthy New York is significantly higher than the limit applicable in Family Health Plus.

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