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While American Express may have been well overtaken in size by Visa and Mastercard they have remained known for their excellent rewards programs that offer rewards above and beyond those of other credit cards. Find out how to get the most from AMEX rewards.

Rewards credit cards are becoming ever more popular. If you pay your credit card bills in full each month avoiding any interest charges then a rewards card can help you earn free travel and entertainment rewards. The credit card with the biggest reuptation for rewards in American Express who offer a range of credit card reward schemes. Read on to see the main AMEX rewards schemes on offer.

Amex Rewards schemes are designed to accomplish that objective. American Express credit cards continually get feedback from rewards program members on the rewards items that matter to them or not. AMEX has constantly refined it's rewards programs to meet the needs of its cardholders and conducts regular research and surveys among members.

There are several types of American Express credit cards to choose from. Some of the main Amex Rewards programs are the following:

Membership Rewards:

Most American Express credit cards offer the chance to join the Membership Rewards program; there is a special Membership Rewards First program for American Express platinum cards and the Membership Rewards Express program for the Blue from American Express.

Membership Rewards give you 1 point per dollar of spending. This multiplies into 3 points per dollar when you use the card for purchases at BonusPointsMall.com or 2 points per dollar for purchases at American Express Travel. For Platinum cards,Guest Posting the multiple is 4 points per dollar.

You can redeem Membership Rewards points when you travel, entertain, shop or dine. Platinum cards are offered an exclusive Access First Collection of rewards that include luxury goods, jewelry, fashion items, and world-class travel.

Points can be transferred to participating frequent flyer programs (such as Delta Air Lines, Continental Airlines, Aeroplan, and Cathay Pacific) or to hotel partners (such as Starwood Hotels) or for car rentals at your travel destinations.

Cash Back Rewards:

One of the simplest reward programs are cash-back credit cards: you get a rebate on every purchase. The Blue from American Express is comes out on top in this category and is very well regarded by card experts. The Blue gives you 5% rebate on things you buy at supermarkets, drugstores and gas stations  which is very helpful since these account for a lot of your necessary purchases. The rebate goes down to 1.5% on all other purchases. A special feature of this AMEX rewards scheme is the the rebates are automatically credited direct to your account.

For co-branded American Express cash-back cards, the rebate rates may be 3% for gas and restaurant purchases, 2% for travel and 1% on other purchases. Cash rebate coupons are issued each year, for redemption in cash or merchandise at the cooperating retailer (like Costco).

Travel Rewards:

Aside from the usual Membership Rewards points described earlier which you can redeem for travel rewards, there are Amex rewards cards offered in cooperation with Delta Airlines and Starwood Hotels.

The Delta Amex rewards cards offer 1 mile per dollar of spending plus MQM credits toward Delta Airlines status programs. Use your earned points to get flights with Delta's Pay with Miles scheme and/or to attain Medallion status.

The Starwood Amex rewards card offers 1 point per dollar of spending and 2 points when you stay at Starwood hotels and resorts. It is possible to redeem points for free nights in Starwood hotels and resorts or convert them into frequent flyer points with participating airlines.

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