Retirement Planning - The Sooner The Better

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Retirement is like a stage of life that everybody has to face and need to be ready to live that stage tension free. Planning this stage in advance is very important and this is what many people ignore. In this article you'll get to know what is retirement planning and how it will help you to live you second inning in the best way.

Retirement planning refers to the allocation of savings or revenue for retirement with the goal of achieving financial independence.
It should start from the day you start earning. It's sound advice that almost nobody follows.

I’ve met people for whom retirement is ‘can’t wait’,Guest Posting a beginning of a more flexible existence, a chance to experience everything that just passed by in the first 60 odd years. As well as I have met people whom retirement is scary.

“Doing what you want” is easy to say, but freedom of any kind is hard work. Retirement Planning is a must do, and the sooner the better. There are five basics that all of us can do in embarking on a journey towards a more secured retirement.

1. Calculate What Retirement Is:
Plan your savings & calculate the future expenditure which will be incurred at the time you retire with retirement planning calculator. Miscalculating the retirement phase creates the risk of running out of corpus.

2. Remember The Cost of Delay:
The best time to start saving for retirement is not when you are about to retire, but when you receive your first paycheck.

3. Make The Nest Egg Comfortable:
Retirement years are not the right time to be stressed; life before would have given you enough of that! It is important to accumulate enough to comfortably go through this phase.

4. Remember Expenses Rise:
The impact of inflation is hard to sink in. It adds to cost of living each year, and by the time we hit retirement, we have to spend much, much more than we do today to maintain the current lifestyle.

5. Don’t Forget Asset Allocation:
Asset allocation is often missed out while planning for retirement. What is right mix for your portfolio? It depends on when you start.

Never forget that retirement is journey and this journey is incomplete without the support of a financial advisor. While retirement planning is not complex, it is nuanced, and involves a lot of variables. It requires constant monitoring, which a professional can handle well.

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