Top 5 Ways of Using Patterns in Your Home

Apr 26


Nash Sherry

Nash Sherry

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Using patterns in home decoration, colour, etc. is something that every home owner aspires to do nowadays. Their tranquil effect and look, if used cleverly, can give your room a complete makeover.


Whether you own a property in Thane, Top 5 Ways of Using Patterns in Your Home Articles West or any of your preferred locations, you certainly want your home to be the best. Avoid overdoing it and make use of patterns in your home smartly.

Here are five tips that can help you do it the right way.

1. Consider the dimensions of your home

Is the room where you want to use patterns large enough? Patterns are normally suited for larger rooms where they won’t look overbearing. If your rooms are smaller, then it would be better to create patterns on a section of the wall, rather than on the whole area. This is another clever way to use patterns even when you are constrained to do so.

2. Light received by the room

Patterns usually have a lot of textures and colours in them which can draw a lot of light to themselves and make your room look dark. Unless your room receives a lot of natural light or has electric bulbs and tubes in the right position, it would be a mistake to go with patterns.

Here is a tip for brightening up your property in Thane post sundown- place lamps close to two ends of the patterned walls. Light them up and see the emanated rays highlight the pattern on the wall.

3. Making use of two patterns

Mixing two patterns is a strict no-no as all patterns have their distinctive looks which usually don’t blend well. Therefore, you mixing two patterns, particularly if they are contrasting will create glaring clashes. Instead, you should use monochrome hues wherever patterns have been used. For instance, you can put up curtains in pastel shades against walls which have patterns on them and patterned upholstery against monochrome walls. The contrast would be completely balanced out.

4. Symmetrising patterns with the rest of the room

At the end of the day, home décor translates to something that is aesthetically appealing. Therefore, you need to ensure that you do not over indulge in the use of patterns that only one part of the room draws attention while the other sulks in neglect. Rope in a qualified interior decorator who understands your needs. You can also look up a few images of homes done up in patterns to gather a few ideas about the nuance of pattern use at home.

5. Treading carefully around certain patterns

There are a couple of patterns that you must be careful about when using on Indiahomes Thane property. Abstract patterns and animal prints such as leopard prints and tiger stripes can go horribly wrong when unsupervised. It is better you limit their use to upholstery as they could look absurd on walls. You can buy cushion covers in these patterns as they are enough for them to look prominent. Geometric and floral patterns, on the other hand, are classic and do not appear out of place even when used copiously. They lend a calm look to any room and appeal to design senses of all.  

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